Van hits pedestrians in Toronto, injuring possibly 8 to 10 people: Police
Van hits pedestrians in Toronto, injuring possibly 8 to 10 people: Police
PM Note - Who to Blame for IRS, A Govt. Dragnet at AP, Gay Marriage Dozen

Dragnet - Govt. Obtains Phone Records for More Than 100 AP Journalists - (AP)

Darrell Issa's gut reaction - "Coming within a week of revelations that the White House lied to the American people about the Benghazi attacks and the IRS targeted conservative Americans for their political beliefs, Americans should take notice that top Obama Administration officials increasingly see themselves as above the law and emboldened by the belief that they don't have to answer to anyone. "

Gay Marriage Dozen - Minnesota Lawmakers Approve Gay Marriage -

Indiana Farmer Loses Battle Against Monsanto- That engaging 76 year-old seed farmer who brought a plain-spoken schtick to the steps of the Supreme Court earlier this year in his long fight against agri-giant Monsanto… he lost - (Ariane de Vogue)

Obama Learned of IRS Targeting Program Friday, Says He Won't Tolerate It - Barack Obama said he didn't find out about the IRS focus on Tea Party groups until last Friday, just like everyone else. He was angry about it at a White House press conference today and said he expects accountability.

"So we'll wait and see what exactly all the details and the facts are," Obama said at a news conference. "But I've got no patience with it. I will not tolerate it. And we'll make sure that we find out exactly what happened on this."

All things IRS are here from Abby Phillip, Shush Walshe, Chris Good and more -

Still Obama's Fault? - It doesn't matter when Obama learned about the IRS scandal, said Mitch McConnell, he still bears some blame.

"They all take their cues from the tone expressed by the president, and he's made it clear that this administration is perfectly willing to crack down on critics," McConnell told National Review.

"…This is a lot bigger than just one person. This a whole effort by the administration, across the board, to squelch their opponents, to shut them up, and, finally, they've done it in a way that will allow us to call attention to it nationwide."

Ted Cruz went even further, comparing Obama to Richard Nixon.

"This is part of a distressing pattern of the Obama administration of being less than honest with the American people and using the machinery of government to target their political opponents," Cruz tells National Review in an interview.

"It harkens back to the days of Richard Nixon and maintaining a political enemies list and treating the federal government as a tool to exact the administration's retribution," he adds.

Nope - Blame Citizens United? - Nancy Pelosi condemned the IRS for targeting conservatives. But she blamed the Supreme Court for the IRS scandal. It was the Citizens' United decision, which she said, "has exacerbated the challenges posed by some of these so-called 'social welfare' organizations."

President Obama Dismisses Benghazi Criticism as 'Sideshow'- President Obama dismissed criticism over the White House's handling of the attack in Benghazi, calling the focus on the issue a "sideshow," and said any suggestion that the administration is engaging in a cover-up "defies logic." "The whole issue of this, of talking points, frankly, throughout this process has been a sideshow," the president said during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House. (Arlette Saenz)

British Press Asks Direct Question Re: Syria - "And on Syria, if I may - a question to both of you - what gives you any confidence that the Russians are going to help you on this?" - President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron voiced hope that Russia will eventually step up pressure on the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad as Obama and Cameron met at the White House today a month ahead of the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland. "As a leader on the world stage, Russia has an interest, as well as an obligation, to try to resolve this issue in a way that can lead to the kind of outcome that we'd all like to see over the long term," President Obama said. (Arlette Saenz)

What's Left for the Supreme Court- With about six weeks remaining in the Supreme Court term, there are several significant outstanding opinions. Take a look at what the court still has on its plate. (Ariane de Vogue)

Obama's Evolution On Gay Marriage- In the beginning President Obama approached the issue of gay marriage cautiously. He had long supported civil unions. He had worked to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and he'd come out against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denies federal benefits to same-sex couples legally married in their states. But even when he became the first sitting president in May of 2012 to say that he thought gays and lesbians should be able to marry, he moved carefully. (Ariane de Vogue)

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