Microsoft Hides Job Posting in Bing
PHOTO: has a unique way of posting job openings for software developers.

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Looking for work? Well, just finding out this job exists is work.

Microsoft has posted a sort of secret job listing for a Bing software development engineer inside the code of their search site, as found by The Register. The only way to stumble upon the link to the job posting is to visit using Microsoft's Internet Explorer with debug mode enabled.

Once the page is loaded, a pop-up will ask, "Do you want to debug this webpage?"

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Inspecting the page with the Internet Explorer developer tools console will uncover a message - "Interested in creating experiences? Apply today." - and a link to the job listing on the Microsoft careers website.

Be warned, the requirements for the position are more than just employing the skills to find the hidden listing. Applicants are expected to have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and experience with multithreaded programming in C# and/or C++ and other web coding languages.

If this sounds like you, have a go at finding the link and good luck.

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