'Disney Infinity' Puts Real-Life Toys Into Your Xbox, Wii or PlayStation Game
PHOTO: "Disney Infinity" is the centerpiece of Disney Interactive Studios Exhibition at E3.

Credit: Connor Burton / ABC News

LOS ANGELES - Have you ever wanted to see Mike Wazowski and Jack Sparrow ride on a hoverboard together? Or maybe the Lone Ranger and Mr. Incredible fly in a helicopter together?

Even if you haven't, you now can in a new virtual reality game from Disney's Interactive Studios called "Disney Infinity," which will allow players to take their favorite Disney and Pixar figurines and play with them in the digital game. This week at the giant E3 gaming expo, Disney (The Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ABC) has been previewing the new game, which will be available on Aug. 18 for Xbox, Playstation and WiiU.

So how does it work? Players collect figurines and then place them on the Infinity Base, an electronic reader that plugs into the various gaming consoles. When the game is on and the station plugged in, you place the figurines into one of the three spots on the base and the figurine or character is instantly uploaded into the game. Each character can be instantly upgraded with power-ups, toys and in-game environment changes with circular chips. Stacking the chips underneath the character figurines on the base gives characters everything from invisibility cloaks to hang gliders, vehicles and missile launchers.

Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow and Monster's Inc.'s Sully will amongst the first characters released this August. The Starter Pack for the Xbox 360, which includes three figures, the game and the base, will cost $74.99.

Players can experience a storyline that follows similar themes to the films that the character originally starred in, but they won't be playing through the original storyline. Every character has a new adventure to embark on. Essentially, players get to create their own games.

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"The possibilities are endless, and all the mixing and matching happens in the Toy Box," said Bill Vanoverbek, one of the developers behind "Infinity ."

Chips and figurines can be changed out and experimented with at will in the Toy Box mode of the game. It's kind of like a virtual sandbox. Players can also create their own worlds and invite friends into those worlds. In these newly created worlds, you can fight against your friends or help them expand your world even further. Vanoverbek also mentioned that player-created worlds would be sharable with other "Infinity" players through an online community.

The other mode, Play Set, is a single player mode in which players go through levels as different characters. Each character has a different set of levels to play through, and no two characters' adventures are the same. Other Play Sets that don't come with a Starter Pack, such as the Lone Ranger's Play Set that comes with additional collectible figurines, will be sold separately for $34.99.

John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Avalanche Software, said he hopes that the game will let players mix and match their favorite characters and embark on their own, unique adventures whenever they want. A series of figures and power up discs can already be preordered at and other retailers.

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