KY Jelly Causes Post Office to Evacuate
PHOTO: Guntersville Alabama U.S. Post Office, Ky Instense Arousal Gel


A post office in Alabama was evacuated after the arrival of a suspicious substance that leaked and sent several workers to the hospital. But while the substance was suspicious, it was not dangerous. It was KY Jelly, an arousal gel.

On the morning of July 9, a package arrived at the post office in Guntersville, Ala., with a gel workers deemed suspicious, Tony Robinson, the Public Information Officer and Public Inspector for the US Postal Inspection Service, told ABC News. Robinson said the package had leaked onto the other parcels, and the supervisor at the Post Office called medical transport. Robinson also said the Inspection Service received reports that workers' eyes were burning.

But after an investigation, officials determined the substance was KY Jelly. According to the website of KY intense gel, KY intense arousal gel is a "lubricating ingredient" that "increases sensation and blood flow."

Robinson said the parcel was addressed to someone in the entertainment industry, but could not specify the name because of privacy laws. He said the people who sent the package will receive additional instructions on packaging to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Claudette DeMuth, the director of Marketing at Marshall Medical Center North, a hospital in Guntersville, told ABC News three women from the post office were admitted to the emergency room, complaining of nausea, and were treated and released within four hours.

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