Cory Monteith's Best Moments, Quotes on 'Glee'

Cory Monteith's death over the weekend sparked an outpouring of grief from his "Glee" co-stars on Twitter. Devoted fans of the hit Fox musical comedy series got in on the conversation as well, tweeting the most memorable quotes and moments from Monteith's character, Finn Hudson.

In honor of Monteith, "GMA" asked for your favorite moment or quote from the beloved jock-turned-Glee-member, Finn. Here are some of your responses:

@GMA one of my favorite moments was when Finn flew to NYC and punched Brody while saying "stay away from my wife" (aka Rachel) #Glee

— ashliegh bauman (@_ashlieghnicole) July 15, 2013

" Faithfully" duet RT @GMA What's your favorite moment/quote from Cory Monteith's "Glee" character Finn Hudson?

— Melissa Mecija (@10NewsMecija) July 15, 2013

" @GMA: Favorite "Glee" moment/quote from Finn Hudson?" When he was caught singing in the shower.

— Rita DiBenedetto (@r_dibs) July 15, 2013

" @GMA: Favorite "Glee" moment/quote from Finn Hudson? His "blow up" with Kurt over their bedroom. Amazing scene from Cory!

— Jessica Patterson (@JessPatterson75) July 15, 2013

@GMA when he tries to say, "The show must go on." but instead says, "The show's gotta go all over the place!" So Finn. And so poignant now.

— Kristen Michele? (@KristenMichele6) July 15, 2013

@GMA When Finn & Rachel sang "Pretending", a song he wrote for her, at Finals. #RIPCory #SoEmotional

— erica polo (@TheEricaPolo) July 15, 2013

@GMA the episode where Finn's mom marries Kurt's Dad and he sings to his new brother at the reception. #RipCoryMonteith

— Monique (@mo2the) July 15, 2013

@GMA "Please grilled cheesus, please let us win our first football game." #CoryMonteith #Glee

— Emily Allen (@emehlee) July 15, 2013

@GMA "Stay away from my future wife!" -Finn #tragic

— Ali Lanyon (@AliLanyon) July 15, 2013

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