Queen Elizabeth Not Immune From Royal Baby Anticipation
VIDEO: The queen tells schoolchildren she wants the baby to arrive because she?s going on holiday.

It seems that not even the queen is immune from the growing impatience surrounding the great wait for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal baby.

At a public event in Cumbria in Northwest England today, it was a young child asking the tough questions. In a video, the child can be heard asking Queen Elizabeth, "Do you want Kate's baby to be a boy or girl?"

"I don't think I mind," the queen replied amid great laughter from the crowd. "I would very much like it to arrive. I'm going on holiday."

She paused before adding, "No sign yet," to the delight of the children.

The queen, 87, is expected to head to her estate at Balmoral next week for her annual summer break.

The queen isn't the first member of the royal family this week to express eagerness for the baby's arrival.

The royal baby's future step-grandmother, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, Monday made what seemed to be the clearest hint yet of when we can expect the royal baby.

"We're all waiting at the end of the telephone," Camilla can be heard saying in a video from a public event in Cornwall with her husband, Prince Charles.

The man standing beside Camilla made a comment about all the people camped out waiting for the baby, to which she replied, "I think so, I think so. … I think by the end of the week he or she will be there."

Royal baby watch is in full swing. Observers believe the baby could come any day now because it is believed that Kate Middleton is due sometime in mid-July.

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(Credit: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images)

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