Royal Baby to Meet Famous Grandparents

ABC News' Mary Pflum and Nick Watt report:

The royal prince was born July 22 into a family rich in tradition and with an extensive and interesting family tree. He is the first grandchild for Prince Charles, as well as the Middletons, so let the spoiling begin.

Paternal grandfather Charles is first in line to be king, and will no doubt share his eccentric passions in life with his first grandchild.

"Charles is a very affectionate, loving dad," said Victoria Murphy, consultant for ABC News and royal reporter for the U.K.'s Daily Mirror. "I think he is going to be exactly the same with his grandchildren."

Charles' wife, Camilla, is already an experienced grandma. Her children from her first marriage already have little ones of their own.

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But Duchess Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, are rookie grandparents who will no doubt get their hands dirty, regularly hosting the new mom and the little heir at Kate's childhood hometown, Bucklebury.

"They've almost got a castle of their own now," royal photographer Arthur Edwards said. "And it will be perfectly private for the baby to be there."

But the royal newborn will also have his fair share of fun relatives, as well. That's where the uncles and aunts come in. Notably Aunt Pippa, Kate's little sister, the party planner and girl about town, famed for her fashion choices and headline-grabbing derriere.

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And there's also Prince Harry, William's little brother, the poster child for fun uncle.

There is, however, a huge gap. Princess Diana didn't live to see her little boy, William, all grown up having a baby of his own.

"One day, 'What was your mummy like?'" Edwards said of the inevitable questions that will arise. "William will say, 'Well, my mummy was very beautiful. And she cared very much for us. And she loved us. And she … If you were here, she'd be all over you.'"

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In this case, it will take a royal bunch to raise Britain's littlest royal.

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