Lady Gaga Goes Naked for Magazine
Lady Gaga Bares It All

Lady Gaga leaves nothing to the imagination in her recent V Magazine photo shoot, stripping down to her birthday suit sitting on just a stool.

But it's more than her nudity that has people talking. Gaga's in amazing shape, almost unrecognizable in the new pics - stomach and legs looking terrifically toned.

The "Born This Way" singer, 27, also sports elbow-length, dirty blonde curls and a make-up free smile.

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The September cover also features three other Gaga pics, including one in a seductive black bustier and another honoring the Statue of Liberty.

A 23-second video clip is also circulating the Internet, where Gaga is doing nothing but liking what looks to be a yellow mannequin hand.

All this is assumed to be promotion for her upcoming album "ARTPOP," which Gaga announced via Facebook will be released Nov. 11, with a debut track coming Aug. 19.

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