Danica McKellar Reveals Secrets to Her Hot Body
PHOTO: Danica McKellar wears a revealing outfit for Avril Lavignes music video Rock N Roll in Los Angeles on July 25, 2013.

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She may say she's not ready to jump back into the dating scene quite yet, but Danica McKellar, 38, looks absolutely amazing, as seen in pictures from a recent Avril Lavigne music video shoot.

The former "Wonder Years" star spills the beans or maybe the kale on how she stays in such a good shape, especially with a son who's turning 3 in September.

"It is like 80 percent diet," she told ABC News today during a visit to promote her new book "Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape." "I eat really, really clean. I eat kale. I eat quinoa. I eat organic chicken. I drink water. I don't drink coffee and I hardly drink alcohol. I don't drink soda ever, not even diet soda."

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McKellar, who filed for divorce from Mike Verta last year, says she is taking it slow when it comes to dating again.

"I've only been divorced a year and half," the four-time author said. "Maybe for some people that's a long time, but it's not really for me. I'm really focused on being a good mom and if the dating thing happens, then alright."

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"In addition, I do yoga, I actually have a yoga DVD called "Daily Dose of Dharma,"" she added. "And I carry my little son Draco around so I've got these arms. I make sure to switch it up so one arm is not bigger than the other!"

In addition to helping her stay in shape, McKellar said her little boy Draco is "brilliant, adorable and affectionate.

"I'm not even biased, I'm telling you he's a great kid," she said. "He learns new words every day. He's super polite. He says, "Mommy, may I have some more blueberries please?" He's amazing, the best thing I ever did."

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