'Speed Racer' Arrested for Looping Around Manhattan in 24 Minutes

Twenty-four minutes and seven seconds. That's all it took one driver last week to race around Manhattan, making it the fastest loop around the New York City borough in history.

But when he uploaded his proof to YouTube, the New York Police Department tracked him down through license plate readers, and Christopher Adam Tang, aka "Speed Racer," found himself in handcuffs.

The video was uploaded on Aug. 28 under the name AfroDuckProduction. It shows the driver zooming southbound on the FDR from East 116th Street to Battery Park and back up West Street, looping around to East 116th Street again, police said. Tang reportedly captured the whole journey using a dashboard mounted camera.

Police said they could not pinpoint the exact day and time the trip was taken. According to the YouTube video, it happened at night on Aug. 26, with only six red lights in Tang's way as he made his almost 25-mile loop around Manhattan.

Despite the mile-a-minute city driving, no one was injured in this record-breaking journey. Still, Tang, 30, has been charged on seven counts, including reckless endangerment and speed violation. Police also seized the car in the video, a 2006 BMW.

The previous city loop record around Manhattan was 26 minutes, three seconds, set by a group called CBC in 2010.

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