Keri Russell's Adorable Way of Staying Connected to Her Daughter
PHOTO: Actress Keri Russell

Balancing film roles with her television series, "The Americans," means that Keri Russell is often on the road, away from her young children, River and Willa.

One way she keeps in touch with them is with FaceTime.

Willa, 1, never misses an opportunity to play "patty-cake" with her mom over the video app, Russell said.

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Russell, who is preparing to shoot the second season of "The Americans," which airs on FX, recently sat down with Peter Travers to talk about her mid-career renaissance and her new film comedy, "Austenland," in which she plays a woman so obsessed with Jane Austen's novels that she spends her life savings on a retreat to an Austen theme park.

In light of her FaceTime habits, Travers also asked Russell to play "patty-cake" on his show. Watch the video above to see Russell's version of the timeless song game.

Despite the FaceTime sessions, Russell said, her grasp of technology is not far off from a typical Austen heroine.

"I am so not tech-savvy," she said. "I still have AOL. I know I'm like 85. I don't have any app on my phone."

For Peter Travers' full interview with Keri Russell, wherein she reveals who she would play in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars film (hint: it's not a woman), click here.

(Photo credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

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