Nicole Kidman Toppled by Paparazzo on Bicycle

Nicole Kidman is "leaving the incident up to police" after being knocked to the ground by a paparazzo on a bicycle in New York City Thursday afternoon.

"I'm okay," Kidman, 46, told "Entertainment Tonight" later Thursday evening on the red carpet at a Calvin Klein party for New York Fashion Week.

Kidman dazzled in a sparkling black pencil skirt and black sleeveless top at the event, but just hours earlier she had been photographed lying on a sidewalk outside the Carlyle Hotel on Manhattan's Upper East Side after a paparazzo ran right into her as she was returning from another Fashion Week event.

The paparazzo, identified as Carl Wu, was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk to get a shot of the Oscar-winning actress when he got too close and knocked her to the ground. Kidman got up quickly and was seen holding her left ankle but was not seriously injured.

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Wu was issued a summons by the New York Police Department for riding on the sidewalk but was not arrested.

In a statement to ABC News, Wu described the crash as an "accident."

"It looks bad but an accident is an accident," he said. "This all went down very fast and I'm sorry it happened."

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The run-in with Kidman, the mother of two young daughters with husband, Keith Urban, is not the first time Wu has clashed with a celebrity.

The photographer claims that in 2010 a member of Lady Gaga's security team assaulted him when he was attempting to take her picture on a Boston street.

"Celebrities have a price on their head like a hunted animal," said ABC News' consultant Howard Bragman. "That's why they've said, 'Enough is enough. This is dangerous to me, my family, my children and we're not going to take it.'"

Last month, Kidman's fellow Oscar-winner Halle Berry and actress Jennifer Garner testified before the California legislature in support of a bill that would protect celebrities' children from hounding paparazzi.

That bill, which would expand the definition of harassment, raise the fine to $10,000 and allow civil lawsuits, passed the California State Legislature on Friday, according to KABC.

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