Admiral Promises Review of Navy Facilities Security in 2 Weeks

Adm. Jonathan Greenert, the chief of US Naval Operations, promised a full review within two weeks of security at Navy facilities and to correct any deficiencies after the shootings at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard that left 13 dead, including the gunman.

Greenert made his remarks at a congressional hearing Wednesday about sequestration's impact on the military.

Greenert praised the "teamwork and heroism" of first responders on the scene of the Navy Yard shootings Monday and said the Navy is working with the FBI on the investigation.

He said the Navy would continue to provide the help and care the victims and their families "deserve in this difficult time."


Greenert said the initial review of Naval facilities worldwide ordered Tuesday in the wake of the Washington Navy Yard shootings would be be completed within two weeks. "Nothing matters to us more than the safety and security of our people," said Greenert.

He then referenced the Pentagon Inspector General report released Tuesday that pointed out cost controls as a potential vulnerability for access to Navy bases. While he acknowledged vulnerabilities, he said the cost control measures mentioned in the report had nothing to do with sequestration cuts.

"I've read the report we are reviewing it right now and to the degree we have vulnerabilities we'll correct them and we'll do it expeditiously," said Greenert.

"I can assure you, however that the cost control measures that were mentioned in this report have nothing to do with budget shortfalls or sequestration itself. We don't cut budgetary corners for security, chairman," said Greenert.

"The two are unrelated. Now if something needs to be added or changed we'll fix it right away." Greenert added. "Nothing is more important to me Mr. Chairman."

The hearing itself began with a moment of silence called by Committee Chairman Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon. Also testifying with Greenert are the other service chiefs, Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, and Air Force Chief of Staff Mark Welsh.

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