Sofia Vergara: I Never Like Looking Frumpy
PHOTO: Sofia Vergara

(Photo Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images)

Sofia Vergara is a woman with great taste. The "Modern Family" star, 41, admits that she's "Latin, so I enjoy getting made up and dressed up."

"I always like feeling cute with whatever I have on, even pajamas," she told ABC News yesterday at the NYC launch of her new clothing line for Kmart. "It's nice for woman to feel nice."

Vergara even likes to feel sexy at the gym.

"Yes of course," she added. "I think it's important for women to feel not only sexy, but nice and put together."

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Her new line ranges from working girl outfits to gym attire that would make any man's head turn. One man in particular, her fiance Nick Loeb, likes it when she has to get all made up for awards shows like the Emmys.

"He doesn't care [what I wear], but of course he loves it when I wear a nice gown because it's different," she said. "I love, of course, being part of those award shows, you get to wear millions of dollars in jewelry."

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And when designers are not giving Vergara jewelry to wear on the red carpet, she said her favorite gifts from Loeb are of the flashy nature.

"Every time that he gives me jewelry, those are my favorite gifts," she joked.

As far as when Vergara will break the hearts of men all over the world and walk down that aisle with Loeb, she told Extra that when she plans a big event, she needs more time to plan it right and that she is too busy right now.

"I'd need at least two weeks off," she said. "Because we party in big groups."

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