What's Wrong With Bill Nye's Leg?
PHOTO: Television personality Bill Nye attends the green carpet launch for the Evox TV debut of Ed Begleys new family show, On Begley Street on September 15, 2013 in Pasadena, California.

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By Shamecca Harris

It's the end of the road for Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Despite his popularity, Nye was voted off "Dancing with the Stars" just one week after suffering a serious leg injury. In an interview with ABC News Radio backstage at "The View," Nye called his injury the most startling part of his "DWTS" run. The TV personality tore a ligament in his left leg while dancing the paso doble during the series' Sept. 23 live show.

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"That really was very surprising," he confessed. "Frankly I thought my legs were very strong and I was able-bodied. I'm of a certain age and things go wrong."

Still, Nye, 57, has high hopes for a speedy recovery. Wearing a leg brace he affectionately calls "The Immobilizer," this science guy is struggling, but by no means is he defeated.

"I'm immobilizing it," he said. "And I walk with a cane to the extent possible and then Thursday of this week I'll go back to 'Mr. Ultrasound,' who will have a look."

Nye's final performance on Monday night, featured him alongside Tyne Stecklein dressed as a robot. But backstage at "The View," the star of the 1990s educational science show revealed the pair's initial concept for their routine.

"Another idea we had was to be the Tin Man and Dorothy," he said. "But we couldn't clear even that appearance, that gingham dress, or whatever the heck. So we played the hand we were dealt."

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Nye is the second celebrity contestant eliminated from the reality dance competition, now in its 17th season. And while his time on the show has come to an end, Nye has high hopes for the remaining contestants. When asked who he think has the best chance at winning the series, he couldn't pick just one.

"The whole field is such high level now," Nye told ABC News Radio. "Corbin [Bleu] is hitting every step within a-hundredth of a second. Brant [Daugherty], very fit jock guy, is just figuring it out. And Nicole ["Snooki" Polizzi] has come to play, man! And Elizabeth Berkley [Lauren], these are like dancers! They're like major league players. So I really can't say but whoever I guess makes the fewest mistakes. If I understand this, the judges score is really important and one point one way or the other will make a huge difference."

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