'Dancing With the Stars' Cast Will Miss Valerie Harper After Elimination
PHOTO: The cast of Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars

(Photo Credit: Ida Mae Astute/ABC)

Valerie Harper may not be sad about her exit from " Dancing With the Stars" after being voted off last night, but the rest of the cast feels very differently.

The woman, 74, who has defied the odds and is still going strong after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in January, has definitely left a lasting effect on her fellow stars and pros alike.

Comedian Bill Engvall, who admitted last night he's having "a blast," started to tell ABC News Radio how he would miss the former "Rhoda" star, but stopped himself.

"I'm not going to miss her, because I'm going to stay in touch with her," he said. "And that's one of the great things. I just love her to death. I hope that I can someday be half the person she is."

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Corbin Bleu, who earned a standing ovation and 27 points for his performance last night, seconded Engvall's comments about Harper.

"She keeps everyone grounded. And there's so much heart," the "High School Musical" actor said. "I truly feel like we've lost something with Valerie gone."

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Finally, Jack Osbourne, who is also on the show to shed light on the illness he's battling, said he'll miss Harper's energy.

"Valerie's kind of become everyone's mom. She's awesome," he said.

ABC's Jason Nathanson contributed to this report.

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