California Teacher's Profane Classroom Rant Caught on Tape

A California high school teacher who was caught on video dropping a flurry of f-bombs in a classroom has been suspended pending and investigation, Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman told today.

"I can confirm the teacher has been pulled with pay, but everything else is confidential at this time," spokeswoman Monica Carazo said. "Generally, if a violation of our code occurs then, yes, we meet with these individuals and discuss the appropriate actions needed in the future."

Carazo declined to comment further on the teacher and would not provide a name, but said the school district is aware of the teacher's tirade. However, Carazo confirmed she is a 12 th grade English teacher at Humanities and Arts Academy of Los Angeles, a subsidiary of Narbonne High School.

In the clip, which was recorded by an anonymous student on Sept. 26, the teacher can be heard yelling at her students in frustration.

"I know my f-ing s-t. Don't f- with that," she screams in the recording. "I'm tired of trying to educate you, and you guys resist every step of the f-ing way. Get the f- out of here."

According to LAUSD's code of ethics, teachers and/or administrators "are committed to creating an environment of trust, care and respect." The district "will not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behavior of students or colleagues," the code also states.

The code also prohibits "engaging in any behaviors, either directly or indirectly with a student(s) or in the presence of a student(s), that are unprofessional, unethical, illegal, immoral, or exploitative."

However, the student who recorded the video isn't in the clear either.

The school district's Parent/Student Handbook states that district policy "prohibits the use of cellular phones or any electronic signaling device by students on campus during normal school hours."

A photo on KTLA-TV's Facebook page shows a quote from the recording and has more than 400 comments - the majority in favor of the teacher, with many saying teachers are often "abused" within current school systems.

"She probably doesn't paid much at all to begin with, and as a teacher, yes she was wrong for doing it, but she is still human, and we all make mistakes," Melissa Barnes, who identified herself as a fellow teacher, commented on the Facebook page.

"This is exactly why I do not teach anything but lower elementary. Teaching is a thankless job and she is probably disrespected every single day and finally snapped," Barnes added. "Like I said, she should not have done this, but she is human, and to be honest, I imagine her students have heard and said much worse."

However, another Facebook commenter said teachers should not go into the teaching profession if they cannot handle their students.

"She chose to teach in a tough school," Jennifer Weldon Graham wrote. "Maybe it's the only job she could get … perhaps she has done this before and had been let go … no one here knows her back story."

The comment with the most likes on the page says, the teacher "was probably right" - a sentiment 105 Facebook users agree with.

The investigation is still ongoing, Carazo said.

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