Here's One Thing the Shutdown Has Not Shut Down

The president's personal videographer is still at work at the White House, apparently classified as essential staff.

And that means that West Wing Week - the White House's in-house, weekly web video-infomercial - is still operational and providing visitors to a highlight reel of feel-good, behind-the-scenes clips of the president and his staff at work.

Today's edition of West Wing Week features a cameo of first lady Michelle Obama thanking White House staffers who are working hard during the shutdown, picking up some of the extra work normally done by their furloughed colleagues.

In the old days, there would be some outrage about the White House's releasing heavily edited in-house video of events to which the real press corps has been denied access. But those were the old days.

Anyway, here's the latest Shutdown Edition West Wing Week narrated by the talented, good-natured and essential Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest (the Michelle Obama video is at 2:23 into the program).

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