'Dancing With the Stars' 2013: Chelsie Hightower on Week 5's 'Shocking' Elimination, Dances

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Was Christina Milian's elimination the biggest upset in the history of "Dancing With the Stars"? Some are saying yes and calling it the case of Sabrina Bryan all over again. (In the show's fifth season, Bryan, a predicted winner, was sent home during week 6). Christina was one of the best dancers in the competition with an abundance of potential and could have easily been the one to walk home with the mirrorball trophy in hand. Before we give a proper goodbye, let's give our accolades to each of these hard-working couples.

Favorite Performances of the Night: Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd Favorite Choreography of the Night: Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff Most Technically-Perfect: Amber Riley Biggest Surprise of the Night: Christina Milian's elimination Best Costume: Christina Milian Most Improved Celeb: Bill Engvall

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Christina Milian: Christina and Mark Ballas' cha cha to "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green delivered a message to her ex. Immediately I was hoping for her to kill it and show that man what he is missing out on. And that she did. This was a great routine! It had lots of memorable moments, she looked amazing, had great hip action and attitude. One of her best dances. I'd give it a 9.

Jack Osbourne: Jack once again won me over and pulled at my heart strings, which manages to do every week. I can't imagine how scary and hard it would be to have MS and the amount of courage it would take someone to battle it every day and to participate in a physically-challenging show like this one. This dance was a very good one. Since there weren't anything glaring technical issues, I have nothing but praise. He did very well with his footwork, posture, and rise and fall. I would just keep working on him driving through his lower body in these standard style dances. Keep up the good work! 8.5.

Leah Remini: I am proud of Leah for what she accomplished with her contemporary dance. Was it her best? It wasn't, but I do believe she did the best she could have given the knowledge and experience she has. However, I was disappointed with this song. It was really much more suitable for a jazz dance rather than a contemporary, so to see them executing soft moves to such a hard-hitting song was a bit odd. Good job, Leah! 7.

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Corbin Bleu: Great job, Corbin! Your waltz with Karina was beautiful, well-executed and well performed. When it came to technique, he did really well. I would have liked to have seen more shaping (swing and sway) through his top line and at times, his shoulders got up in his neck. Other than that, it was a great dance. Keep charming us. 9!

Bill Engvall: From the pre-dance clips to the end of the dance, this was a refreshing performance, not to mention sweet. Bill did great especially when in hold with partner Emma Slater. Great rise and fall (though he got off timing about five times, but who's counting?) It was a job well done. 8!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: I find it so refreshing that Nicole is so honest, almost to a fault. She is winning me over and I believe the rest of America with her honesty. This was not an easy jazz dance and she did, in my opinion, very well! It was packed full of content, style and energy and on top of that they did a great job at keeping the synchronicity throughout. Great job youm two little handsome devils. 9!

Brant Daugherty: What an amazing story. I have so much respect for Brant to have gone through losing his dad and been able to turn it into a positive. I'm sure that same attitude is what helped him succeed in this dance. He created some beautiful lines and emotions and had a lot of real dancing in this piece, which was great to see for a contemporary. The one thing I'd say is that although he did emote very well, at times I felt he was too aggressive with his expression when the song was so soft and sweet. If I were his teacher, I would tell him to truly feel the song and to interpret the feeling and emotion it brings. (Or I would've just asked for a different song, haha.) That aside, this dance for me, was one of the best of the night. Great job to Brant and Peta! 9.

Amber Riley: To me this foxtrot was Amber's best performance since week one. I do, however, have to take into account that it definitely lacked foxtrot content and like Len said, when other people are putting in so much work trying to get the true foxtrot steps right it doesn't seem quite fair. With that aside there really isn't anything negative to say. Great job and if I were with you in person that would be a double high five. 9!

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Elizabeth Berkley Lauren: I'm a 90's kid, so "Saved by the Bell" was my show and Zach Morris was the epitome of perfect in my 12-year-old mind. The dance had a clever opening putting Valentine's acting skills to the test (he's no Zach, but he still did a very fine job). Unfortunately, I was not amazed by the dancing. There were several glaring moments where she was off balance and didn't look as well-rehearsed as she has been in the past, and overall I might say that it just wasn't memorable. Nothing glaring, but nothing amazing either. For me, it fell into the so-so category. Keep working, Elizabeth, you've done great so far. 7.5.

The Elimination: This week's elimination was shocking to say the least. But it once again proves that this show is not only about the dancing, but also about the journey, the personality, the chemistry, the fan base and the list goes on and on. Although we will never know which one of these Christina lacked, I'd guess it came down to her fanbase. (Or did Julianne's comment last week play into it?) Either way, Christina you will be missed. It's sad to see such a great dancer go!

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