Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock Recreate 'Big' Piano Scene
PHOTO: Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks recreate the Chopsticks piano dance

It's been 25 years since Tom Hanks performed his famous "Chopsticks" piano dance from the movie "Big," but, at 57, the actor showed he's still got the chops.

Appearing on the BBC's "The Jonathan Ross Show" over the weekend to promote his new film "Captain Phillips," Hanks enlisted the help of his friend and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" co-star Sandra Bullock to recreate the memorable scene from the 1988 film in which Hanks played a boy trapped in the body of a grown man.

After Ross rolled out a large keyboard carpet, Hanks and the talk show host jokingly "played" a much more elaborate piece with their feet before Hanks was joined by Bullock.

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As impressive as the newly slender Hanks was, Bullock, 49, was even more amazing tickling the ivories in very high heels and short shorts.

When Hanks suggested she might not be able to do "Chopsticks" in high heels, Bullock assured him, "I can do 'Chopsticks' in my heels."

Turns out, that's not all Bullock can do. The actress, who was on the show promoting her new film "Gravity," earlier showed off her rapping skills.

After explaining to Ross how she knows almost all the words to "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang (it has something to do with a boy), Bullock bust out with the lyrics to the classic rap song.

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