6 Best Moments from Katy Perry's Lakewood High School 'Roar' Concert in GIFs

Here was the deal: Make a video showing how your high school roars to her hit song, "Roar," and Katy Perry picks her favorite. It was an agonizing choice for Perry among the five finalists, but in the end Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colo., roared the loudest. Their prize? A live performance from Perry at their school airing on " Good Morning America" - and her 29th birthday, no less! Here are our favorite moments from her "Roar"-licious concert!

1. This jump rope break she's been doing during live "Roar" performances. You try double-timing it and then belting out a song.

2. This "Gone with the Wind" fabulous-ness. Walking on air? No, no, Katy-you OWN that air.

3. "Mind helping me with this sheer tiger-print blanket thing? …thanks." Snatched, Katy. Just snatched.

4. If anyone can resurrect "The Butterfly" from the 90s, it's Katy Perry.

5. The moment she gave lifetime bragging rights to not just one lucky guy…

6. But TWO. Those cheeks best remain unwashed, boys.

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