Watch Beyonce Free Fall More Than 600 Feet
PHOTO: Beyonce prepares to a dive during her bungee jumping trip, in a photo she posted to her Instagram, in New Zealand, Oct. 19, 2013.

Beyonce's insurance company must have hated this idea.

While in the midst of a world tour, the singer, 32, decided to take some personal time a week and a half ago in Auckland, New Zealand, and free fall from the Sky Tower - more than 629 feet off the ground, the biggest jump in the country.

She posted the video this past Friday.

"F-ing A!" Beyonce screams in the elevator up to the top. A nervous laugh follows.

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"Oh my God," she adds a few moments later, after taking a peek down, while preparing to jump.

Beyonce even took a moment before her leap to strike a pose and Instagram the pic to fans.

Then, with her arms in the air, she was pushed backwards off the tower, smiling and laughing the whole way down.

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She even added, "This is awesome!" during the fall.

"Yes," she exclaimed as she touched the ground. "That is so fun! I'm great."

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(Photo Credit: Beyonce/Instagram)

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