Dow closes down more than 720 points amid news of Trump's planned tariffs on China
Dow closes down more than 720 points amid news of Trump's planned tariffs on China
Camille Grammer Granted Restraining Order Against Boyfriend
PHOTO: Camille Grammer attends the GBK Productions Luxury Lounge on Sept. 20, 2013 in Hollywood, Calif.

(Photo Credit: Tiffany Rose/Getty Images)

After tweeting a shocking message earlier in the week about abuse, Camille Grammer was granted a temporary restraining order Tuesday against her ex-boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos, according to court papers obtained by ABC News.

"Info will come out today that is jaw dropping," the former reality star posted Monday. "And women can't be silenced after being physically abused!"

Grammer, 45, claims Charalambopoulos - a 6'2?, 195 pound 36-year-old - assaulted her in a Houston hotel room on Oct. 16 and Houston PD confirmed to ABC News that she filed a formal complaint with the Family Violence department. Request for more information was not immediately returned.

The alleged incident happened just days after Grammer had a radical hysterectomy to treat early stage endometrial cancer on Oct. 11.

In the court reports for the restraining order, Grammer, who was still recovering from surgery, adds that in Houston, her ex-boyfriend of two years slammed her head into furniture and grabbed her by her hair and repeatedly "pulled her head into the bed and headboard" about 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 16. The abuse lasted from 40 minutes to an hour, Grammer said.

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"[He] succeeded in pulling out swaths of my hair and gave me a large, painful contusion on the side of my head. All the while, I was screaming for help," the report adds.

Grammer added that she believed her ex was trying to kill her when he began to squeeze her nose and cover her mouth.

She tried to call for help, but Charalambopoulos allegedly smashed her phone. The report also has photos attached of a broken iPhone and strands of Grammer's hair, as well as pictures of bruises on her wrists and face.

Grammer tweeted a couple days after the alleged incident on Oct. 18, saying "If any of my friends are trying to reach me on my phone. it is busted. Have to get a new phone :/"

The restraining order states Charalambopoulos can't contact or be within 100 yards of Grammer or her children. A hearing for the case is set for Nov. 19 in Los Angeles.

Efforts to reach Charalambopoulos were not immediately returned.

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