Will Cory Booker Live in Anacostia? He Says He Hasn't Decided

One of the big questions surrounding Cory Booker's move to Washington, D.C., is, Where will he live?

In an interview with CNN earlier this month, Booker said he'd like to live in a disadvantaged neighborhood like Anacostia, which will remind him of what he's working to accomplish in the Senate.

"I really savor living in neighborhoods where there's great people struggling to make America real for all Americans. And I just want to be in a neighborhood in D.C. that keeps me focused on the urgencies that I'm fighting for," Booker said.

For eight years, Booker lived in a $575-a-month two-bedroom unit in a Newark housing complex called "Brick Towers" until he and other residents were evicted right before the building was torn down.

Booker then moved to Newark's South Ward, a neighborhood The New York Times described as "where boarded-up homes outnumber inhabited ones and crack dealers hawk their product outside an elementary school."

"I want to live in a place where I can leverage myself in the best possible way, where I can be part of the struggle for deeper justice in an urban community," Booker, who was serving in his first year as mayor of Newark, N.J., said at the time.

On his first day in the Senate, Booker said he hasn't decided where he'll live in Washington. But Booker did jokingly ask Vice President Joe Biden if there was any extra space in the VP's residence for him to crash until he made up his mind.

"I haven't found a place to live yet. Do you have a spare room?" Booker joked.

"If you need to hang out, I've got room," Biden quipped back.

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