Think You're a Talented Emoji Artist?
PHOTO: The Emoji Art and Design Show will take place in New York City Dec. 12-14, 2013.

(Credit: Maya Ben-Ezer)

If you've ever played emoji charades, then you probably think you're pretty skilled with the emoticons of the moment.

Well, a number of artists have taken their emoji - a Japanese term for the ideograms or smileys that grace messages and web pages - to the next level, and the art will be displayed at the Emoji Art and Design Show in New York City from Dec. 12-14. The show will consist of an exhibition and a pop-up market.

(Credit: Kyle M. F. Williams)

"In today's visually oriented culture, which increasingly communicates through images rather than text, emoji comprises a kind of 'visual vernacular,' a language that conveys humor, ambiguity and personality as well as meaning," the show's website says.

The artwork was selected through an open call and will include digital prints, sculptures, videos and performance art.

(Credit: Emilio Vavarella & Fito Segrera)

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