Sofia Vergara, Business Guru: 'I'm Not Ashamed to Say I Love Making Money'
PHOTO: Sofia Vergara on the cover of Glam Belleza Latina magazines Winter 2014 issue.

(Photo Credit: Glam Belleza Latina)

Sofia Vergara's mix of beauty and all-out wacky humor has made her the highest paid actress on television, reportedly pulling in $30 million last year from her work on "Modern Family" and endorsements for Kmart and CoverGirl.

But don't let her carefree, sexy outlook fool you.

She's as business savvy as she is gorgeous.

"I'm not ashamed to say I love making money," she told Glam Belleza Latina in its winter issue. "I like business, and the truth is I save way more than I spend. I invest. I plan for the future. I have a special eye for opportunities and work harder than anyone might expect. It is fun to shock people with my business ideas. Most people just see me as Gloria."

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Vergara adds that she's been working hard since she was 17 and always had ideas for businesses that she wanted to start. Her business acumen is something that Vergara said she has used in the past to add a few extra zeros to that paycheck.

"I think that the concept of being sexy and smart is difficult for many to grasp," she said. "Most people are more comfortable with the notion of sexy bimbo. And I have to admit that I've capitalized on that to negotiate a couple of times, when the 'smart ones' think I have no idea what I can deliver, and I end up costing them more."

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With all her success and admiration, Vergara still knows how to cut loose and celebrate how far she's come.

"I celebrated my 40th birthday in Mexico by flying 100 of [my family] in from Barranquilla, Bogotá, Miami and Los Angeles, and we spent a week partying like crazy," she said. "My family is what keeps me going, is my engine, what makes me happiest. For the Emmys, I invited 20 of them, and we all went together to the ceremony and the parties and had the best time."

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