The Ridiculously Adorable Gift Giuliana Rancic Got Son Duke for Christmas
PHOTO: Giuliana Rancic, with husband Bill and son Duke, are seen in an image shared on Giulianas Twitter feed, Sept. 2, 2013.

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Stop it with the cuteness!

Giuliana Rancic said she found the perfect Christmas gift for 16-month-old son Duke.

"It's a little vintage car. It's the cutest thing," she told ABC News while helping shoppers find great holiday gifts, working with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. "I have this whole thing in my head. I am going to dress him in 50s-style clothing, his hair like back then and put him on the car. It's the sort of picture I think will last forever."

The E! host's work with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls was all about helping others find designer gifts for the holidays and she made sure her entrepreneur husband, Bill, was on the receiving end of some great gifts as well.

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"For Bill, he travels so much. In the span of one week, he was in Dubai, Kuwait, Tokyo, Malaysia and then met us in Tahiti for Thanksgiving," she said. "That's five places in less than seven days. So, for him, I found the most gorgeous Italian leather duffel bag to travel with and a gorgeous matching Italian leather shaving kit."

If anyone is qualified to help others with their holiday shopping, it's Rancic, 39. The "Giuliana & Bill" star has been prepping for weeks.

"I make a list and, right now, my list is four pages, typed," she said. "That's how many people I have to get gifts for. I made my list about a month ago and now I have been filing it all in. I make my list two months before Christmas, otherwise people start popping up and you forget. A few weeks before Christmas is when I actually start shopping for them."

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She continued, "I make my list and get a little budget going and figure out approximately how much I am going to spend on each person."

Other Tips From Rancic:

For Your Doctor: "I send a gift basket with imported pastas from Italy with olive oil … That's always thoughtful instead of sending a card," she said, and it's not too expensive.

For Holiday Parties: "I found these great imported soaps from France, in beautiful boxes that are really nicely packaged, instead of bringing wine, which everyone does."

For Her (hint, hint to Bill): "A cashmere robe would be great, a nice handbag, but it doesn't have to be a ton of money. I just love bags. But a robe would be great to keep by my bed at night if Duke wakes up. Bill loves to sleep with the air conditioning blaring; I'm always cold in the middle of the night."

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