Utah Girl Thwarts Home Robbery With Cool-Headed 911 Call
VIDEO: Girl, 13, Thwarts Home Invasion With 911 Call

A 13-year-old Utah girl foiled a robbery while she and her younger sister were home alone with some quick thinking, authorities said.

Kylee Newell and her sister hid inside a closet in their home when two intruders broke in, and she immediately called 911 - and that may have saved their lives, Lane Findlay, a spokesman for the Weber County Sheriff's Office told ABC News today.

The 911 tapes revealed the perilous situation on Wednesday.

Kylee Newell foiled an attempted robbery in her Utah home.

Kylee: There's men trying to break into our house and me and my little sister are home alone.

Kylee: They were banging at the door.

Dispatcher: Which door?

Kylee: At my front door.

Kylee: They are now in the house.

Dispatcher: Okay, where are they at, upstairs?

Kylee: Yeah.

Robert Keith Paul and Amy Nichole Hulse entered the home through a side door and then began searching all the rooms, police told the Deseret News.

The intruders even went into the room where Kylee and her sister were hiding, but didn't know the girls were in there, Findlay said.

Dispatcher: How many does it sound like, can you tell?

Kylee: Two.

Dispatcher: Can you hear him talking?

Kylee: Yeah.

"When our deputy arrived on scene, he saw the suspect leaving the house, jumping into a getaway car driven by the other suspect, Amy Hulse," said Findlay. "The deputy caught up with the car a few hundred feet away and arrested both suspects."

"We believe this crime was completely random and that Paul and Hulse appeared to be casing the area looking for unoccupied homes," Findlay said.

"I have to compliment Kylee and what she did. As a parent, this is exactly what you would want your child to do and she remained calm through all of it," Findlay said.

Kylee and her sister were not hurt in the ordeal, police said.

Paul was charged with residential burglary, theft, and possession of methamphetamine, authorities said. Bail was set at $16,033 and he remains in jail today.

Hulse was charged with residential burglary, and theft, authorities said. Bail was set at $10,623 and she has been released on bond.

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