SWAT Team Rushes Plane to Arrest 'Unruly' Flier

New, gripping cell phone video released today by Canada's CTV News shows an armed Canadian SWAT team rushing onboard a plane to arrest a passenger who had allegedly threatened the aircraft.

"Heads down, hands up," the military team screams as they enter the plane.

Sunwing Flight 772 bound for Panama City was forced to turn around in the skies over West Virginia and return to Toronto Pearson International Airport after a traveler became "agitated," according to a Sunwing spokeswoman.

Toronto police identified the suspect as Ali Shahi, 25, of Canada, and said he faces charges of uttering threats and endangering the safety of an aircraft.

"He basically just tore a strip off her [the flight attendant], explaining how expensive the cigarettes are here in Canada, he hates Canada," flier Bettina Bathe told CTV News. "Then he said, with great expression using his hands, 'I just want to bomb Canada.'"

According to Capt. Jennifer Stadnyk of the Northern American Aerospace Defense Command, two F-16 fighter jets from Toledo, Ohio escorted the plane as a "precaution."

The plane, with 183 passengers and six crew on board, landed safely. No one was injured and the suspect was taken off the plane.

The Associated Press and CTV News contributed to this story.

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