The Social Climber: Clown Terrorizing Town in England

Clown Terrorizing Town in England

Crikey! The town of Northampton, England, is pretty far from Maine, but it seems to have turned into a Stephen King novel since Friday Sept. 13. A clown who looks a little too much like Pennywise, the menacing buffoon from King's novel "It," has been appearing across the Midlands hamlet. He even offered to paint a woman's windowsills, Britain's The Telegraph reported.

But those who, like The Social Climber, suffer from coulrophobia – the fear of clowns – can rest easy. It's all a gag, and as The Telegraph noted, the clown has even set up a Facebook page.

But he does sign off each update with "beep beep," just as Pennywise did.

Kim Clijsters Welcomes Son

U.S. Open champ and all-around great gal Kim Clijsters has welcomed her second child, a son named Jack Leon. Clijsters and her husband, retired U.S. professional basketball player Brian Lynch, announced the news Wednesday. "Jack Leon Lynch is born! Born at 7:06 p.m. tonight and we are both doing well," the new mom, who gave birth in Belgium, writes. "His big sister, mama and daddy are very proud and happy!"

Alaskans Getting $900 Richer

I knew I should have taken that gig in Anchorage! Nearly every Alaskan will be $900 richer in October, after a payout from the state's $47 billion oil wealth trust fund comes through, state officials said. That's right, 640,000 people up north will be about a grand richer. Jealous? Think of it this way: at least you're warm.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Here, Matey

Psst ... What's a pirate's favorite kind of socks? Arrrrr-gyle!

The day you've been waiting for all year has arrived, friends. It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So pull those puffy shirts out of the closet, fish through your junk drawer for that eye patch, and look for some pirate-themed deals at stores like Long John Silver and Krispy Kreme (if you talk like a pirate, of course).

Hide Your Bibs! Antoine Dodson Is Expecting

Remember YouTube superstar Antoine Dodson? Well, if not, The Social Climber is disappointed, but will remind you that Dodson gained fame after the "Bedroom Intruder" video featuring his talking to a news crew after a home break-in went viral.

Well, the Huntsville, Ala.-native has some big news. He's expecting a baby with his girlfriend! The 27-year-old announced the news on Twitter Tuesday. If you're confused, you'll recall Dodson renounced his homosexuality in May, telling the Twitterverse that he desired "a wife and family." Congrats!

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