Quotations in the News

"If you want to fight Obamacare, if you want to tell Washington that Virginians have had enough of Obamacare, then I need your vote." — Republican Ken Cuccinelli, at an airport rally in Roanoke seeking support in the final days of a bitter race for governor in Virginia.


"The United States believes that the U.S.-Egypt partnership is going to be strongest when Egypt is represented by an inclusive, democratically-elected, civilian government based on rule of law, fundamental freedoms, and an open and competitive economy." — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, as the United States and Egypt tried to put a brave face on their badly frayed ties and committed to restoring a partnership undermined by the military ouster of Egypt's first democratically elected president.


"For (the Islamists) it will be like taking revenge on the police and the military. I really hope that no blood is spilled tomorrow," — Lawyer Khaled Abu-Bakr, after Egyptian authorities moved the trial of former President Mohammed Morsi to a new location at another end of the capital, a move apparently aimed at thwarting mass rallies planned by the Muslim Brotherhood in his support.

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