Britney Spears 'Perfume' Song Lures Male Listeners
PHOTO: After Britney Spears released her single Perfume, Nov. 5, 2013, a high percentage of men began searching for it online, according to Yahoo! data.

Men are crazy for Britney Spears' "Perfume." Or, at the very least, they are extremely curious about it.

After the pop singer's latest single was released Tuesday, the search term "Britney Spears" spiked 1,640% over the course of 24 hours, according to Yahoo! search data. And the phrase "Britney Spears perfume song" is "spiking off the charts this week," reported the search engine.

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The new song is a slow-burning ballad about the singer suspecting her lover of cheating. In the chorus, Spears sings about wearing lots of perfume so that it seeps into her boyfriend's clothing in hopes that it will deter another woman.

But notably the most people seeking out the tune on Yahoo! are not females.

"Surprisingly, men take credit for most of the pop singer's searches, as 86 percent of searches come from them," stated the report.

Incidently, the top Britney-loving cities in the U.S., based on Yahoo! users' search patterns, are Rapid City, S.D.; Marquette, Mich.; and Harrisburg, Pa.

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