Xbox One Goes on Sale
PHOTO: The first fans in the U.S. get their hands on Xbox One at Best Buy in New York on Nov. 22, 2013.

The gaming system wars have now begun. Early today at the strike of midnight, Microsoft's Xbox One went on sale for $500. But sitting across the aisle from the new gaming and media system was the $400 Playstation 4, which went on sale exactly a week ago.

Both systems are expected to be on the top of holiday gadget lists. Sony announced earlier this week that 1 million systems had been sold on launch day alone. Microsoft has said that the pre-orders were "unprecedented." Overnight lines formed at Best Buys and Gamestops around the country as gamers eagerly waited to buy the new system.

It has been seven years since either company has released new versions of their respective gaming consoles.

The biggest upgrades to both systems come with improved graphics power. Both systems are powered by eight-core processors that serve up clear graphics and have new advanced game controllers.

The Xbox One, however, is meant to be more of an all-in-one entertainment system. It integrates with your cable box, has Skype video calling and various Internet streaming services. It also has the Kinect camera, which allows gamers to control the game with their movements or with their voice.

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