Cecilia Vega
Correspondent, ABC News
Distillers: Stiff Whiskey Law Stifles Town's Boozy Revival
Distillers say stiff law dictating what's Tennessee whiskey is stifling town's boozy revival
Questions Remain in Officer-Involved Shooting at NSA
Questions remain in officer-involved shooting at NSA; 1 man dead, officer, 1 other man hurt
New Arizona Governor Avoids Major Issues With Apparent Ease
New Arizona governor sidesteps major issues that might offend conservative Republican base
AP Exclusive: Big Rigs Often Go Faster Than Tires Can Handle
AP Exclusive: Many truck tires can't handle higher speed limits; wrecks and blowouts cited
Quotations in the News
Quotations in the News
Knight Foundation to Fund 32 Projects to Improve Cities
Knight Foundation commits $5M to fund 32 projects that seek to make cities more vibrant
Officers Talk to Man Wounded in Mobile Home Park Killings
Detectives explore leads in deaths of woman, toddler at mobile home park, talk to wounded man
Colorado Shooter's Mom Feels Guilt Over His Mental Illness
Mother of Colorado theater shooting suspect feels guilt over not knowing of his mental illness
A Look at Widely Criticized Indiana Law on Religious Freedom
A look at Indiana law that critics say could permit discrimination against gays and lesbians
Gravestone Falls on Pennsylvania Man, Killing Him
Stephen Woytack was hanging a cross when the stone fell.
Taiwan to Join China-Led Regional Bank, Japan Says Not Now
Taiwan to join China-led regional bank, Japan says not now, wants answers on governance
Tokyo Ward 1st in Japan to Recognize Same Sex Marriage
Tokyo's Shibuya ward passes Japan's first ordinance to recognize same sex marriage
Thai Leader Moves to Lift Marital Law, Impose Absolute Power
Thai leader moves to lift martial law, replace it with much-criticized absolute power measure
Spain: Police Arrest Family, Say Children Were to Join Jihad
Spain: Police arrested family including 2 minors allegedly intending to join jihadis in Syria
Myanmar Government, Rebel Groups Sign Draft Cease-Fire Deal
Myanmar government, rebel groups sign draft cease-fire agreement, fighting continues
Death Toll in Kashmir Flood Rises to 15
Death toll in Kashmir flood hits 15; Kashmiris brace for more trouble as more rain predicted
Singapore Charges Teen for Video Attacking Lee, Christianity
Singapore charges teen for video criticizing late leader Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity
Malaysian Fishmonger to Hang for Killing 2 British Students
Malaysian fishmonger sentenced to death for killing 2 British students in Borneo
Roadside Bomb Kills 7 Afghans in Eastern Province
Police chief: Roadside bombing in remote eastern province in Afghanistan kills 7 people
Japan Extends Sanctions Against NKorea for 2 More Years
Japan extends sanctions against NKorea for 2 years, seeks faster progress in abductions probe
Exonerated Woman on Death Row for Two Decades Speaks Out
Debra Milke, 51, was convicted in 1990 of murdering her son.
Nightline 03/30/15: A Couple's Decision to Undergo Risky Prenatal Surgery
Robin Williams' Family Feud Over Late Actor's Will; Famous Last Texts From the Ex
WN 03/30/15: Iran Nuclear Negotiations Down to the Wire
Indiana's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act sparks protest; Tom Brady's excellent adventure.
GMA 03/30/15: Firefighter's Dangerous Fall Into Fire Caught on Video
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Appears to Hold Course on 'Religious Freedom' Law; Amanda Knox Weighs Next Move After Italian Court...
This Week 03/29/15: Indiana Governor Addresses Religious Freedom Law
Guests: Mike Pence, Josh Earnest, Matthew Dowd, Bill Kristol, Jennifer Granholm, Fareed Zakaria
20/20 03/27/15: Occupational Hazards
How Dov Charney Is at War With Company He Created; How Ex-Customer Service Reps Say They Dealt With Unruly; Ex-Reporter on...