Face-Off: Does Satan Exist?
Debate gets heated and emotional at the "Nightline Face-Off."
Face-Off: Does God Exist?
Christians and atheists square off in the first "Nightline Face-Off."
Faith Matters Highlights
Child Witches Accused in the Name of Jesus Christian pastors in Congo are paid to perform violent exorcisms on children.
PHOTO hookersforjesus.net
Hookers for Jesus Preach to Unlikely Flock Former prostitute tries to save those working in the sex industry of Sin City.
Punk Rock Preacher: Jesus Was a Rebel With sermons about sex, evangelical pastor at mega-church draws huge crowds.
Uganda book
'Gonzo Missionaries' Face Death to Preach Two missionaries and TV producers face treacherous conditions to spread message.
Rare Access to Mormon Temple, Church Elders Unprecedented access inside a temple shows glimpse of controversial religion.
Christians Flock to the Internet GodTube draws in the faithful, and the nonbelievers too.
Bishop: 'Heaven Not Our Final Destination'
English Bishop Tom Wright offers new perspective on what happens after we die.
Ted Haggard Speaks Out: 'I Am a Failure'
Former pastor apologizes to gay community, regrets "abusive" relationship.
How Would Jesus Spend?
Howard Dayton teaches people how to use the Bible for financial guidance.
Purpose-Driven Pastor's New Passion
In an ailing African country, Rick Warren is building ministries and ministers.
Meet the Nightline Face-Off Panelists!
ed young
Ed Young: 'We Can Have Big Sex' Pastor Ed Young introduces himself as part of Nightline's adultery panel.
jenny block
Jenny Block: 'My Husband and My Girlfriend...' Author discusses why her open marriage is not adulterous.
noel bidderman
Noel Biderman: 'Infidelity Can Be a Positive' Ashley Madison president says infidelity can save the save the marriage.
jon daugherty
Jonathan Daugherty: 'I've Been on Both Sides' Former sex addict speaks out against adultery in marriage.
Beliefnet Resources
Is Lust Only Natural?
A guide to major faith positions on Lust
Let There Be Divorce
Is divorce an appropriate Christian option?
Adultery on My Mind
Advice on how to live "erotically" within your marriage
Ten Commandments of Kosher Adultery
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on how to create the thrill of adultery within a marriage.
Join the Discussion!
How do you forgive a cheating spouse? Are emotional affairs the same as adultery?
PHOTO  Two tourists take in the view of the mountains surrounding Gebel Musa as the sun rises.
PHOTO Nightline Face-off
PHOTO Photos of Child Preachers are shown
Child Witches: Accused in the Name of Jesus
'Focus on Faith' on ABC News Now
Check out Chris Cuomo's weekly series with Fr. Edward Beck on faith and spirituality.