II. 'No Idols': Does Celebrity Worship Break a Commandment?
Vocal Seattle pastor says second commandment means no celebrity worship.
III. OMG! I Totally Just Broke a Commandment!
Does using text messaging shorthand constitute taking the Lord's name in vain?
IV. 'Keep the Sabbath Holy': Chick fil-A Wins Customers by Closing
Chick fil-A restaurants, which are closed on Sundays, build loyal following.
VI. 'Dr. Death' Breaks Down Suicide Techniques
In lecture halls worldwide, Australian doc explains best ways to kill oneself.
VIII. 'Thou Shalt Not Steal'
Business owner recalls the day gunmen entered his store, and how he fought back.
IX. Man Lives by Biblical Rules -- No Lying
A.J. Jacobs lived according to the Bible for a year and tried not to tell a lie.
X: 'Do Not Covet': A Shopaholic's Plight
Woman seeks doc's help in putting brakes on runaway spending habits.
Astor Family Secrets
Socialite Brooke Astor's son is found guilty of swindling his elderly mother.
Meet the Doctor of Death
'Thou Shalt Not Kill'? A doctor teaches patients how to die.
Thou Shalt Not Steal
A shop owner fights back and kills two armed robbers with a shotgun.
Never on Sundays
Faith has made the Chick-Fil-A franchise a success.
Meet the 'Face-Off' Panel
Cynthia McFadden introduces the diverse panel to kick off the debate.
Part 2: Porn and Adultery, 'I Lived It'
In opening arguments, panelists frame debate with personal stories.
Part 3: 'Lust Is Adultery'
Panelists square off on whether lust is a natural desire or form of adultery.
Part 4: 'We're Coming From Different Places'
Jenny Block argues that she has a good relationship with God.
Part 5: 'Infidelity Can Save Your Marriage'
Noel Biderman says walking away from marriage is the selfish act.
Part 6: Evangelicals 'Have More Orgasms'
Pastor Ed Young says committed sex in marriage is ordained by God.
Part 7: Divorce, and Defining Adultery
Panelists have different ideas over when divorce should take place.
Part 8: America is 'About to Crumble'
Rhetoric heats up as audience members throw themselves into debate.
Part 9: 'Whatever Makes You Sleep?'
Biderman's website comes under fire from a concerned congregant.
Part 10: Conclusion: 'I Went Through It'
Before closing statements, a boy and his father deliver a rousing testimony.
Adultery Victim Speaks Out at Face-Off
As audience member rejects adultery, panelists stand their ground.
Ed Young: 'We Can Have Big Sex'
Pastor Ed Young introduces himself as part of Nightline's adultery panel.
Jenny Block: 'My Husband and My Girlfriend...'
Author discusses why her open marriage is not adulterous.
Noel Biderman: 'Infidelity Can Be a Positive'
Ashley Madison president says infidelity can save the save the marriage.
Jonathan Daugherty: 'I've Been on Both Sides'
Former sex addict speaks out against adultery in marriage.
VII. Face-Off: Born to Cheat?
Face-Off: Born to Cheat?