Rikers Island Surveillance Videos Depict Inmate Abuse Allegations
Surveillance videos show past cases of inmate abuse and neglect.
Commissioner on His Mission to Save Rikers Island
Joseph Ponte hopes change for inmates and staff will stop the cycle of violence.
Jailed Rikers Inmate: 'I Just Want My Day in Court'
Greg Ferguson sees evolution at Rikers.
Rikers Officer Describes What a Day Is Like at the Jail
"It takes a special person to do this job," Officer Graham said.
Prisoners' Rights Project Evaluates Rikers Island Reforms
Legal Aid Society's evaluation of New York City jail complex's progress.
The Hottest New Wedding Trend Is...Technology
From drones to 3-D printed cake toppers, these couples are going all out.
Inside a US Men's Gymnastics Team Training Session
These Olympians have been making the Internet swoon with their Instagram posts.
1 of Chibok Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Found
She was found with a baby presumed to be her child.
Inside Boko Haram Territory, Where Girls Become Suicide Bombers
"Nightline" anchor Juju Chang traveled with US Ambassador Samantha Power.
In El Salvador, Gang Violence Becomes a Way of Life
The world's "murder capital" has nearly one homicide an hour.
Sexual Assault Survivors Say They Feared BYU's Honor Code
Two female students said they were afraid they would be expelled if they spoke.
'Blind' Man Caught Driving, Committing Disability Fraud
John Caltabiano is now facing prison time for claiming he lost his sight.
RuPaul on Why He and 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Can Never Go Mainstream
"Drag is the antithesis of the matrix," RuPaul said.
High School Dropout Is CEO of His Own Tech Company
Ben Pasternak is the creator and CEO of the app Flogg.
Marry Prince Harry: Charm School Shares Etiquette Tips for Wannabe Princesses
Learn how to snag the world's most eligible royal bachelor.
Lil’ Kim Photos Spark Debate Over Women of Color’s Pressure to Meet Beauty Standards
Lil' Kim's new look, lighter skin and blonde hair, making waves in beauty scene.
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Meet the Couple Behind the Viral Snapchat Soap Opera
The Univ. of Wisconsin campus was all abuzz over whether "Mystery Girl" and "Viking Fan" would get together.
Former 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman on What Happened Behind the Scenes
Dorfman talks about her new book, "It's Not Okay," and reveals the heartbreak she felt after she and ex Josh Murray split.
Chewbacca Mom's Moment of Joy Becomes Viral Sensation
Candace Payne laughing hysterically at herself trying on a Chewbacca mask is now the most watched Facebook Live video ever.
Dramatic Changes Aim to Help Rikers Island's Youngest Inmates: Part 2
Department of Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte acknowledged that changing the culture of violence will take time.
Prisoners' Rights Project Report Card of Rikers
Mary Lynne Werlwas, head of the Legal Aid Society's Prisoners' Rights Project, offers her perspective on how Rikers is doing.
EgyptAir Flight Feared Downed by Terrorists, Officials Say
Authorities are trying to piece together why EgyptAir Flight MS804 went missing shortly after entering Egyptian airspace.
Technology, This Year's Hottest Wedding Trend
From drones to 3D-printed cake toppers, couples are incorporating more of the "something new" in their wedding day.
A Tribute to Veteran '60 Minutes' Newsman Morley Safer
Safer, who exposed atrocity in Vietnam that helped change Americans' view of the war, died at age 84.
Celine Dion on Losing Husband, Brother to Cancer
In an emotional interview, the music icon described how she spent her final moments with her late husband Rene Angelil.
Inside the U.S. Olympic Men's Gymnastics Team Training Session
These star athletes are aiming for gold at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, but they've already become viral Instagram stars.
Blake Lively Accused of Racism for Instagram Post
The actress found herself in hot water with fans after writing in a caption that she had a "L.A. face with an Oakland booty."
In El Salvador, Gang Violence is a Part of Everyday Life: Part 1
This impoverished nation has become the murder capital of the world, and these gangs continue to have ties to the US.
Funeral Service in El Salvador Becomes Gang Target: Part 2
Shots rang out as a grieving mother buries another son shot dead over gang rivalry, and after one gang leader demonstrated...
El Salvadorian Teen, Terrorized By Gangs, Given a Fresh Start: Part 3
After fleeing gang shootings in his home country and leaving his family behind, 15-year-old Francisco learns he will be...
This Veterinarian is Instagram's Dr. McDreamy of Pets
Dr. Evan Antin, an exotic animal veterinarian in Thousand Oaks, California, has become a viral sensation for his posts with...
Rape Survivors Say Brigham Young's Honor Code Kept Them From Speaking Out
Two female students say they were afraid they would be expelled if they reported their sexual assaults but decided to share...
Inventors Compete to Get Their Products on an Informercial
Van and Kirsten, who invented a way to cook two pies at once, pitch judges for a chance to get their product on TV.
'Blind' Man Caught Driving Committed Disability Fraud
John Caltabiano said he lost his sight in an accident at a cement company in 2006 and applied for disability benefits.
Why RuPaul Doesn't Think He or 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Can Go Mainstream
"I don't think the show could ever go mainstream because drag is the antithesis of the matrix," RuPaul said.
Nightline 05/20/16: ‘Hidden America: Inside Rikers Island’
Inside 'The Box' With Some of Rikers Island's Most Violent Inmates; Dramatic Changes Aim to Help Rikers Island's Youngest...
Nightline 05/17/16: In El Salvador, Gang Violence is a Part of Everyday Life
Funeral Service in El Salvador Becomes Gang Target; El Salvadorian Teen, Terrorized By Gangs, Given a Fresh Start
Nightline 02/25/16: Consent on Campus: A 'Nightline' Event
Consent on Campus: Can Consent Education Help Prevent Sex Assault Among College Students?; Consent on Campus: What Does...
Nightline 11/23/15: Face Transplant Surgery Gives Former Firefighter a New Face
Inside the Complex Face Transplant Surgery; After Face Transplant, Pat Hardison Reunites With Family
El Salvador's Violent Gangs: Inside the Murder Capital of the World
"Nightline" explores the impact of the deadly gangs spreading north into the US.
Circus Lions Get a New Lease on Life
Circus lions were rescued and brought back to their homeland in Africa.
'Making a Murderer': Evidence Presented at the Murder Trial
Former prosecutor Ken Kratz shares some evidence he presented at Avery's trial.