Husband of 'Super Mom' Describes Her Harrowing Release
Sherri Papini was found alive on Thanksgiving after missing for three weeks.
Leah Remini Explains Why She Made Her Scientology Series
"Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" premiered tonight.
When Fake News Stories Make Real News Headlines
At times during the election, fake “news” amplified partisan rancor.
Meet Sex-Ed YouTube Star Laci Green
Laci Green talks all things about sex on her YouTube channel.
Kate Gosselin Opens Up About Son Collin and Defends Her Parenting Style
The mother of eight said reports that her son Collin was abused are "unfounded."
Face Transplant and Organ Recipients Meet Donor's Mother
David Rodebaugh helped change several people's lives by being an organ donor.
Patrick Dempsey on His Year After 'Grey's Anatomy'
The actor says he'll never get tired of being called "McDreamy."
Veteran Who Lost Both Legs Works to Bring Hope to Fellow Wounded Soldiers
The former marine shares his inspirational story on "Good Morning America."
Evangelical Values-Voters Struggle with Choosing Trump
With Trump leading GOP ticket, many evangelicals are at an impasse .
These Texas Women Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump
And one woman said she still voted for Hillary Clinton.
Missouri Senate Hopeful Jason Kander One of Many Who Could Change Senate Balance of Power
His campaign slogan this election season is "More Jobs. Less Government."
Lena Dunham Campaigns for Clinton Amid Email Controversy
"Girls" creator went to North Carolina to court the millennial vote.
Boy, 9, Gets Halloween Surprise From 'Hero' Bob the Drag Queen
The season 8 winner of "RuPaul’s Drag Race" surprised C.J. Duron on Halloween.
Meet Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Impersonators
Teresa Barnwell and John Di Domenico play the presidential candidates full time.
From Homeless Heroin Addict to Juice Mogul
Khalil Rafati owns the LA juice empire, SunLife Organics.
On the Campaign Trail With Former KKK Leader David Duke
The outspoken Trump supporter has tried to tied his Senate bid to him.
Independent Evan McMullin Could Make History This Election
If McMullin wins his home state of Utah, it will pull electoral votes away.
Gay Republicans Explain Why They're Supporting Donald Trump
Trump was the GOP nominee to positively refer to the gay community at the RNC.
What Life Is Like for This Family Circus of Lion and Tiger Trainers
The Laceys are trainers with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
For More Than 7 Years, Former Guantanamo Detainee Still Waiting for 'Home'
Khalil Mamut has a wife and children in Bermuda but no citizenship or passport.
Deciding the Future of Guantanamo and Its Prisoners
Debate centers on whether prison should close and detainees should come to U.S.
Meet the Trumpettes: Trump’s Loyal High Society Female Supporters
Trumpettes founder Toni Halt Kramer calls Donald Trump an “alpha male.”
3 Bystanders Rescue Elderly Woman Who Drove Into Pond
The incident, caught on video, shows the 68-year-old woman's car submerged.
What Life Is Like When Your Pet Is a Social Media Star
Herman has over 40,000 followers on Instagram.
Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Plant Plans Mexico Move
President-elect Trump praised his deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in the US, but ball-bearing plant employees might lose...
Leah Remini on Why She Made Her 'Scientology and the Aftermath' Series
In the 8-part A&E docu-series, Remini, who quit the Church in 2013, follows other former Church members and share their...
Selena Gomez Is the Queen of Instagram
Instagram announced the "Good for You" singer, who has 103 million followers, is the most followed celebrity on the site.
The Attack: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 1
Shootings are not uncommon in San Bernardino, but this was not a normal callout for first responders.
The Big Break: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 2
Quick-thinking citizens and fast-acting police track down the terror threat.
The Shootout: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 3
Heroic first responders put themselves on the line to stop the terror threat.
Pro Soccer Players Among 71 Killed in Colombian Plane Crash
Authorities say members of a professional Brazilian soccer team were killed, but at least six people, including three...
Sheriff Says California 'Super Mom' Was Branded with a 'Message'
Authorities are still hunting for Sherri Papini's captors as her husband describes what it was like to see her after the...
Taylor Swift To Get Her Own Streaming TV Channel
The "Blank Space" singer will now get a whole new space to share her music and videos on a platform called DirecTV Now.
When Fake News Makes Real Headlines
A website creator admits to perpetuating a fake news story that went viral during the election, and "Nightline" travels to...
The Mysterious Case of the Missing California Mom Found Alive
New details are emerging about what happened to Sherri Papini, who claimed she was abducted and driven 150 miles from her...
TSA's Witty Instagram Showcases Weird, Scary Confiscated Items
On Rolling Stone's 100 best Instagram accounts to follow, TSA's account ranked number 4 between Beyonce and Rihanna.
Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Dies at 90
The world pauses to honor the former leader of the country's Communist revolution.
Fidel Castro - A Conversation With Barbara Walters
Walters reflected on some of the most memorable moments from her meetings with the former Cuban leader.
Fidel Castro on the Existence of Heaven and Hell
ABC News' Diane Sawyer questions Fidel Castro about the existence of heaven and hell.
Dwayne Johnson on Singing, Shedding 'Manly Tears' for Disney's 'Moana'
Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others, composed the music for the animated film and he talked about working with "The Rock."
The 'Golden Girls' Are Back, as Puppets
"That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody," based on the beloved '80s sitcom, is now off-Broadway in New York.
A Mother's Loss Gives Face, Organ Transplant Recipients New Lives: Part 1
When Nancy Millar's son David Rodebaugh died, she agreed to donate his face and organs, making a ground-breaking surgery for...
Face Transplant Recipient Meets Donor Mother for First Time: Part 2
Former Mississippi firefighter Pat Hardison was given a new lease on life thanks to Nancy Millar's decision to donate her...
Kate Gosselin on Her Son Collin and Parenting Teenagers
The star of TLC's "Kate Plus 8" is a single mom to 16-year-old twins and 12-year-old septuplets.
Kanye West Hospitalized, His Tour Canceled
Concert promoter LiveNation announced the hip-hop mogul would be canceling the remaining 21 shows left on his tour.
Meet the Sex-Ed YouTube Star Whose Videos Have Over 100 Million Views
Laci Green, 27, a sort of millennial "Dr. Ruth," was raised Mormon and now has 1.5 million subscribers and an MTV show.
Gretchen Carlson on Dealing with Sexual Harassment on the Job
Former Fox News anchor says she was sexually harassed shortly after becoming Miss American and during her journalistic...
Former Fox Booker Says Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her for 20 Years
Laurie Luhn said Roger Ailes harassed, intimidated and pressured her into performing sexual favors. He denies all wrongdoing.