Violence Erupts in Baltimore, State of Emergency Issued
National Guard troops were deployed following attacks, fires.
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Former Olympian sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer.
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30-Year Alabama Death Row Inmate's First Days of Freedom
Anthony Ray Hinton uses a computer, an ATM for the first time.
'Missoula' Women Share How Rape Allegations Changed Them Forever
Author Jon Krakauer profiled five alleged victims for his new book, 'Missoula.'
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New book "Ashley's War" focuses on a female soldier killed in combat.
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Johansson gave birth to a daughter after shooting principal photography.
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Parents, Friends Squabble Over 'Oversharenting'
Are you a victim or an abuser of "oversharenting"?
Former Death Row Inmate Meets Ex-Prosecutor Who Put Him There
Glenn Ford sat on death row for 30 years until an informant exonerated him.
Dating Site Hooks Up Women Looking for Men to Pay For Free Travel
Couples are usually total strangers before they meet for a new trip.
Kidney Donor Chain Changes 68 Lives Forever
This kidney donor chain is the longest multi-hospital chain in the country.
Woman Donates Kidney, Starts US's Longest Multi-Hospital Donor Chain
Kathy Hart is one of 250 people in what might be a record-breaking chain.
Formerly Conjoined Twins Celebrate First Birthday
See how Knatalye and Adeline Mata are doing now.
Exorcism 'Boom' Credited Partly to Pope Francis
More Catholic priests are being trained to perform exorcisms around the world.
This Is What Your Brain Looks Like on a Shopping Spree
One shopper showed signs of pleasure comparable to the joy felt after having sex
Video Shows Brazen Burglar Breaking Into California Home
The home invasion was captured in footage recorded by 16 surveillance cameras.
Scott Eastwood on the Kind of Dad Clint Was
"I had to do it all," he said of his old-school father.
Exclusive First Look: Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau's Teen Daughters
Mary became pregnant with Vili Fualaau's child when he was 13.
Exclusive: Mary Kay Letourneau, Her Student-Lover Today
Mary Kay Letourneau earned national attention for a teacher-student sex scandal.
South Carolina Cop's Mom Speaks Out in Tearful Interview
Officer Michael Slager has been charged with murdering Walter Scott.
Witness Says He Saw Officer Drop Something Near Walter Scott's Body
Feidin Santana recorded the shooting on his cell phone.
What Life Is Like for Family Known as Real-Life 'Seven Dwarfs'
The Johnston family members are all 4-feet tall or shorter.
Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent in Baltimore
Hundreds of people clashed with police after some hurled bricks and rocks or started fires.
Bruce Jenner's First Wife Breaks Her Silence
Chrystie Scott talks about the moment the former Olympian told her he wanted to "be a woman."
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A backstage pass with fan-favorite stars and professional dancers as the show celebrates 20 seasons.
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30-Year Death Row Inmate Celebrates First Days of Freedom
Anthony Ray Hinton learns to re-adjust to a new life in a world with computers and social media.
Mother, Daughter Force Behind Viral Instagram 'Crazy Jewish Mom'
When Kate Siegel started posting texts from her mother online, it launched a new social media sensation.
'Missoula' Victim Secretly Records Her Rapist: Part 1
Allison Huguet was one of the women "Missoula" author Jon Krakauer profiled in his new book.
Inside 'Missoula' Campus Rape Investigations: Part 2
Author Jon Krakauer spoke to alleged victims who said they felt the justice system failed them.
Inside Special Ops Program That Sent Women to Afghanistan Warzones
ABC's Diane Sawyer talks with the author of "Ashley's War" and comrades of fallen soldier, 1st. Lt. Ashley White.
'Ashley's War' Author Describes How Women Soldiers Assisted Special Ops in Afghanistan
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon talks with ABC's Diane Sawyer about her new book on a special unit of women warriors and the legacy of...
'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Super Six Cast in Action
Onscreen, Robert Downey, Jr. and others make up an elite superhero team, but off-screen they are just like family.
Upcoming 'Full House' Reboot Details Revealed
D.J., Stephanie, Uncle Jesse and other characters from the '90s sitcom are back in "Fuller House."
'Avengers: Age of Ultron' James Spader on Playing the Villain
"Avengers" co-star Chris Evans said he was blown away by Spader's performance in the latest Marvel movie.
How Cal Harris Can Be Tried for Murder Again
Harris was convicted of murdering his wife, then it was overturned, and his defense says there's evidence proving it wasn't...
Parents, Friends Grapple with Social Media Struggle of 'Oversharenting'
From first steps to potty training, some parents love documenting their child's every moment.
King Craftmen Build One-of-Kind Cabins From Scratch
Pat 'Tuffy' Bakaitis and Paul 'Paulie' Dimeo construct new cabins from old materials on NatGeo's hit show, "Building Wild."
Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets Former Prosecutor Who Put Him There
Glenn Ford was on death row for 30 years before being exonerated for a murder conviction.
Going on a Free Romantic Getaway With a Stranger
MissTravel.com is an online dating site that pairs women who want free vacations with men willing to pay for travels.
On the Town with Country Star Sam Hunt
Country singer who made a name for himself penning hits for other artists is now stepping into his own.
The Fabulous Life of New York City's Top Ranked Real Estate Broker
Fredrik Eklund is a reality TV star, an author and now he's preparing to be a father.
Sofia Vergara's Ex Sues Over Their Frozen Embryos
Actress is in a legal battle with her ex-fiancé over what some consider to be a matter of life and death.
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Reveals New Secrets
A new chapter, new characters, new light sabers and a few familiar faces are just some of the features unveiled.
Former Honor Student on Trial for Fatally Shooting Boyfriend
Shayna Hubers says she acted in self-defense, but prosecutors say it was a lover's quarrel gone wrong.
Why This CEO Cut His Salary to 70K Worker Wage
Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price decided to do something about the pay gap at his company.
The Drama Inside 'Monkey Kingdom'
Disney Nature's new documentary narrated by Tina Fey follows the social lives of macaques monkeys.