Investigating 'Psychic Detectives': Four Cases
If psychics really see and know stuff, why aren't they better at solving crimes?
'Psychic Kindergarten' for Budding Mediums
California Institute teaches psychics how to explore their gifts.
Cooking, Cleaning, Communing With Dead
Mom Rebecca Rosen's normal home life belies extraordinary day job as psychic.
The Common Traits of Near-Death Experiences
Experts discuss what near-death experiences look, feel like.
Describing Heaven: Pastor, Pronounced Dead, Says He Was There
Minister, car crash survivor Don Piper wrote bestseller about visiting heaven.
Boy Says He Spoke to God After Flesh-Eating Bacteria Threatened His Life
While his parents prayed by his bedside, Jake Fishbonner says he visited heaven.
Casting Out Demons
A New York deliverance church has congregation expel their demons.
Reported Visions of Virgin Mary Draw Believers to Small Village
Believers say that Mary calls to them through signs and miracles.
Consecrated Virgins Become Brides of Christ
Since Pope John Paul II reinstated it, 2,000 have married Christ.
Can Psychics Really Talk to the Dead?
Part 1: Renowned medium James Van Praagh looks into 'GMA's' Josh Elliott's past.
The $1 Million Psychic Challenge
Part 2: A group of psychics are put to the test with a $1 million on the line.
'Psychic Kindergarten': For Beginners
Part 3: A Berkeley institute teaches budding mediums how to read spirits.
'Psychic Detectives': Doing More Harm Than Good?
Part 4: Banachek says some psychics "are taking advantage of people" for fame.
Mom Psychics Raise Kids, Talk With Dead
Part 5: A normal home life combines with an extraordinary day job as a psychic.
Mary Jo Rapini Sees the Light
Part 1: Bob Woodruff meets a former nurse who went from skeptic to believer.
Don Piper's 90 Minutes in Heaven
Part 2: A pastor, pronounced dead, hears music that was 'beyond spectacular.'
The Atheist and Her Brain
Part 3: Margaret Downey saw her favorite uncle: Was it him or only a dream?
Jake Finkbonner Among the Angels
Part 4: With bacteria eating his face, almost killing him, a boy talks to God.
Is There A Soul?
Part 5: NDE expert Dr. Sam Parnia maps the area between life and death.
The Rite of Exorcism
Part 1: Meet exorcists and a woman who says she was possessed.
Demons In All Of Us?
Part 2: Pastor says "everybody's got them" and frees people through prayer.
Inside the 'Amityville Horror' House
Part 3: Family members say Satan was at work in the house.
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: Satanic Forces
Part 4: Mustaine talks about death metal music, casting hexes and blood pacts.
Hookers for Jesus: Prison Ministry
Part 5: A former prostitute and a meth cook say they are spiritual warriors
Final Thoughts: What Do You Believe?
Part 6: Nightline's Terry Moran recaps the debate over the devil's existence.
In Search of the Virgin Mary
Part 1: Believers say there are Virgin Mary sightings from New Jersey to Bosnia.
First U.S. Virgin Mary Site: Wisconsin
Part 2: Family claims boy was cured of leukemia after visiting Wisconsin shrine.
What Did a Young Virgin Mary Look Like?
Part 3: Journey to Nazareth retraces Mary's path from new bride to motherhood.
For the Love of the Virgin Mary
Part 4: Surfer priest and other believers say Mary speaks to them through signs.
Vicka 'The Healer': A Mary Visionary
Part 5: Thousands swarm a small Bosnian village to be touched by "The Healer."
Can Flerida Be Healed?
Part 6: Woman meets with "The Healer" in hopes of being cured of cancer.
Psychic Unlocks 'GMA' Anchor's Past
Psychic James Van Praagh gives a personal reading to GMA's Josh Elliott.
'Psychic Detectives' Put to the Test
Some psychics claim to help solve crimes by talking with the dead, but can they?
Battle With the Devil: Deliverance
One New York deliverance church has a radical way of expelling evil spirits.
Battle With the Devil: What Deliverance Looks Like
Beyond Belief: Believers at a N.Y. church say they are casting out demons.
Man's Cancer Vanishes, Was it a Miracle?
Artie Boyle says he was cured of cancer with the help of the Virgin Mary.
Beyond Belief: Miracles From the Mother of God?
Believers travel thousands of miles in search of spiritual fulfillment from Mary
Bill Cam: Visiting 'The Healer'
ABC's Bill Weir travels to Medjugorie, Bosnia where the sick beg to be cured.
What Does the Virgin Mary Look Like?
"Nightline's" Bill Weir asks believers about their vision of the Blessed Mother.
Beyond Belief: Twin-Tuition
Primetime Nightline: The amazing stories about twins and what connects them.
Does Twin-Tuition Exist?
Meet the twin brothers who are the No. 1 ranked men's tennis doubles team.
Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief
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