Hemsworth on His 'Lost at Sea' Diet: 'Wouldn't Recommend It'
"Thor" actor is nearly unrecognizable as a man stranded at sea in his new film.
US Customs and Border Protection Tests Body Cams
The largest police force in the country is conducting a massive experiment.
Inside a Miami Pick-Up Artist's 'Seduction Bootcamp'
Matt Artisan's company hosts workshops that teaches men the art of the hook-up.
Face Transplant Recipient Given Warm Welcome at Home
Pat Hardison returned to Senatobia, Miss., for the first time post-surgery.
Face Transplant Gives Former Firefighter, 41, New 26-Year-Old Face
Pat Hardison's doctors told him he had a 50-50 chance of surviving the surgery.
Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About 'Hunger Games' Ending
Actress spent the day with ABC's Diane Sawyer to talk about her life has changed
Wounded Former Marine Turned Snowboarder Aims for Paralympics
Kirstie Ennis is on track to compete in the 2018 Paralympics.
O.J. Simpson Trial Witness: 'O.J. Simpson Is Guilty'
Kato Kaelin was a witness for the prosecution in the 1995 criminal trial.
Shonda Rhimes on Overcoming Her Fears and Journey to 'Year of Yes'
The creator of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" talks about her new book.
Sea Turtle Eggs Have Turned Beach Into a Battleground
Poachers and conservationists are racing to claim the eggs.
Near-Death Video: Young Victim Urges Every Parent To Watch
ABC News investigation: Children still at risk, 30 yrs after hazard identified.
'Premier' Donor Eggs Command High Prices for Desirable Genes
Increased demand for donor eggs has created a highly competitive marketplace.
Instagram Star Quit Social Media to Be Role Model for Younger Sister
Essena O'Neill said she shut down her social media because she was "miserable."
Robin Williams' Widow Talks Effects of Lewy Body Dementia
Susan Williams says disease "killed" husband.
Pro Sports Leagues Deny Charging for Military Tributes
Critics say some leagues and teams bill taxpayers to wave the flag.
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How This Pastor Wants to Make Going to Church Cool
Pastor Rich Wilkerson, who is friendly with Justin Bieber, presided over Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding.
Meet Canadian Tween Pop Music Star Shawn Mendes
Mendes became an overnight star in August 2013 after posting a Vine of him singing a Justin Bieber song.
Inside a Peru Hotel Suspended on the Edge of a Cliff
For $340 a night, adventure seekers can stay in a sky lodge with luxury amenities just miles from Machu Picchu.
Scouting Out Models of the Midwest
Husband and wife team who discovered Ashton Kutcher are helping this teen trade in the sheep farm for the runway.
Bindi Irwin on How 'Dancing With the Stars' Changed Her Life
The 17-year-old conservationist and the daughter of the late Steve Irwin won this Mirror Ball Trophy this season.
Inside a Miami Pick-Up Artist's 'Seduction Bootcamp'
Through his company, "The Attractive Man," Matt Artisan teaches men the art of the hook-up.
Making a $18K Mini-Movie to Sell a $45 Million Mansion
Luxury realtor Mauricio Umansky and his wife Kyle Richards of "Real Housewives" fame offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse.
It's #TheDress Meteorologists Across the Country Are Wearing
A $23 color-block dress on Amazon got a lot of Internet buzz after several weatherwomen were seen wearing it on TV.
Severely-Burned Former Firefighter Opts for Face Transplant: Part 1
Pat Hardison was given a 50-50 chance of surviving the surgery but it was a risk he was willing to take to feel normal again.
Inside the Complex Face Transplant Surgery: Part 2
Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez and his NYU Langone surgical team worked for 26 hours to complete Pat Hardison's face transplant.
After Face Transplant, Pat Hardison Reunites With Family: Part 3
In an emotional reunion, Hardison's five children see their dad for the first time two months after the surgery.
The Face Transplant Donor: Dave Rodebaugh's Story
Al Lopez remembers his best friend Dave Rodebaugh, whose mother donated his organs after he was killed in a biking accident.
Face Transplant Surgery Explained Step-By-Step
Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez of NYU Langone Medical Center explains how he plans to place the donor face on former firefighter Pat...
Face Transplant Patient Sees Himself for the First Time Post-Surgery
At NYU Langone Medical Center, Pat Hardison underwent the most extensive face transplant ever performed.
Studies Aim to Reduce Risk of Concussions from Hard Hits in Football
High school football player Jordan Dalton, who is in a study, was identified as being at high risk for concussions.
Donald Trump's Wife, Children Talk About His Campaign, Home Life
Melania Trump, and four of Donald's kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany Trump, sat down with Barbara Walters.
Teacher Starts Every Class By Giving Students Compliments
Chris Ulmer takes time to compliment the students in his special education class at Mainspring Academy in Florida.
Nightline 11/23/15: Face Transplant Surgery Gives Former Firefighter a New Face
Inside the Complex Face Transplant Surgery; After Face Transplant, Pat Hardison Reunites With Family
Nightline 11/13/15: Paris Terror Attacks: Scenes of Carnage at Multiple Locations
Four Paris Attackers Dead After Concert Hall Siege; Obama: Paris Terror Attacks Are 'On All of Humanity'
Deadly Delay: The Fight for Kids Safety
Hundreds of kids injured, killed in window blind strangulation incidents in past 30 years.
Orange Is The New Black: Behind The Scenes
Orange Is The New Black: Behind The Scenes
'Chewy, We're Foam'
New York City coffee artist creates impressive portraits in latte foam.
See Elian Gonzalez All Grown Up
Elian Gonzalez is now 21 years old.