A Trip on South America's Scariest Train
Steep drops excite adventurous passengers on a perilous Ecuadorean train ride.
Cage Diving: A Day as Shark Bait
ABC News' Nick Watt describes his day with great white sharks.
Eco-Tourism Reaches New Heights
Tourists are discovering sky-high beauty with recreational tree climbing.
Missionaries Accuse Indians of Killing Babies
Critics accuse missionaries of exploiting the issue in attempt to convert tribes
Jungle Journey: Life With an Amazon Tribe
ABC News anchor lives in Amazon village where no reporter has been before.
Bolivia's 'Death Road' Claims 10 More Lives
Tourists lose their lives on treacherous mountain track in Bolivia.
Bumpy Ride Into Eye of the Storm
Advances in technology have allowed for better hurricane forecasting.
Are You Prepared for a Disaster?
Some Alaskans aren't banking on the government to save them.
Storm Chasers Take on Twisters
Sean Casey and Josh Wurman put their lives in danger to catch a tornado.
Crab Fishing Rock Stars of the Sea
Fishermen battle freezing temps and 40-ft. waves in pursuit of the Alaskan crab.
One Person's Nightmare, Another's Pet
The exotic pet business is booming in the United States, but buyer beware.
Whale Watching in Remote Wilderness
Scientists head to Chile, home to rare blue whales, the world's largest mammals.
Tour Remote Wilderness: Pumalin Park
The Tompkins have bought 800,000 acres of wilderness in Chile to preserve it.
Jungle Journey to Gorillas in the Mist
Eco-tourism could be the key to the economic future of war-ravaged Rwanda.
Teens Toil in 'the Mountain That Eats Men'
Each day boys as young as 15-years-old struggle to support Bolivian families.
Ready, Set, Jump! Daredevils Visit Chile
Canyoning is part of the latest trend for sporty thrill seekers.
Pilgrims Follow Adventurer's Deadly Trail
Inspired by subject of the book "Into the Wild," hundreds brave Alaskan wild.
The Plight of the Red Apes
ABC News was given rare opportunity to visit Borneo's most famous residents..
Flying Squad: Elephants Fight for Survival
Elephants on patrol in Sumatra as herds fall prey to humans and coffee crops.
Cabernet and Camouflage: Man vs. Turkey
Some vineyard owners take aim when wild turkeys threaten their precious grapes.
Missionaries: Helping or Harming Locals?
What is the true motivation of a pilgrimage to the jungle?
Converting to Christianity?
Activists say evangelicals are exploiting infanticide issues to convert tribe.
Culture Clash: Killing Children?
On ancient practice, missionaries accuse Indians of killing children.
Hurricane Hunters
Hurricane Hunters Go Inside Gustav's Eye to Predict its Path.
The Survivalists
People who learn to live off the land.
Audio Slideshow: Wolves on the Rise
'Nightline' producer on the journey to find Judith the wolf.
Chasing Tornadoes
Storm Chasers put their lives on the line to catch the twister
Inside 'The Deadliest Catch'
05.19.08: Behind the scenes at the Discovery Channel's hit show.
Does Chile Hold Key to Blue Whale Survival?
Seek out the Blue Whale -- the largest mammal on earth.
Whale Watch: A Hidden Refuge
Jeffrey Kofman reports from the Chilean coast on an extraordinary discovery.
Full Report: World's Most Dangerous Road
Tourists flock to Bolivia to hop on bikes and take on steep drops and turns.
Gorillas Fall Victim to War
How is the fate of the Rwandan people and gorillas connected?
Young Bolivians Seek Wealth in Mine
04.04.08: Dangerous mine in Bolivia has young workers risking their lives.
Polar Bear Rock Star
Knut the polar bear became symbol of a warming world.
Nightline Online: Python Invasion
The world's longest snake is becoming a serious nuisance in Florida.
Unusual Sights on the Galapagos Islands
Explore the landscape, animals and tourism of the Galapagos Islands.
Reporter Lives With Remote Tribe
See what life is like for the most isolated Indian tribes on the planet.
Whale Haven in Chile
Blue whales survived despite commercial whaling; now threatened by industry.
Gorillas in the Mist
Tourists visit Rwanda to see the endangered mountain gorillas.
Inside the Mountain That Eats Men
Young miners in Potosí, Bolivia risk their lives each day.
Running With the Rhinos
In Southern Nepal, ABC News follows the effort to save an endangered species.
Big Blue Whales
Scientists head to southern Chile to study rare blue whales.
A Spectacular Wilderness in Chile
Pumalin Park is a private park in the Palena Province of Chile.
Tourists Take the Plunge
New extreme sports is called canyoneering or canyoning, but some call it crazy.
Extreme Adventure Biking
For these bikers, potential peril exists in every curve of the road.
Elephants on Patrol
Your morning cup of coffee may be affecting Sumatra's elephants.
A Journey with Sharks
An underwater voyage redeems sharks, and exposes the darker side of humanity.
Capturing the Ends of the Earth
An explorer's life in pictures: going where no one has gone before.
Living With Big Cats
Dereck and Beverly Joubert spent years in Africa "living with big cats."
Beware of Jumping Sturgeon!
Huge jumping fish are colliding with boaters on the Florida's Suwannee River.