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I just went, ‘Oh, oh, no, no.’ And I just started crying," she said.
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Kirk Fraser captured the moment a seal saved itself by jumping on his boat.
Witness Protection Children Struggle to Reclaim Identities
Jackee Taylor entered when she was 7 years old and wishes it had never happened.
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The 21-year-old Flint, Michigan native is aiming for her second gold medal.
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Villagers say it’s made possible because of a centuries-old secret.
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Survivors and victims' families are trying to move forward after tragedy.
The Dark Side of Nepal's Orphanage 'Voluntourism'
Experts warn that donations are sometimes going to orphanage owners' pockets.
REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: North Korea Embraces Modern Life
American reporters are rarely invited to the hermetic country.
Bigorexia: When the Desire for Muscles Is a Dangerous Medical Condition
People with bigorexia have a belief that their body is too small or scrawny.
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The world champion fencer faced a live bear and Cirque du Soleil actors.
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Manafort admitted there is "conflict within the Trump campaign."
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Sexy Exotic Animal Veterinarian Driving the Internet Wild
“I’m having fun with it," said Dr. Evan Antin.
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She has officially become the first female nominee of a major political party.
This 11-Year-Old Girl Made Her Dad Drive Her to Philly for Clinton
She made a sign for the event based on the little engine that could.
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Richmond, Calif., police say they have seen results with this new protocol.
ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller's Courage in Captivity
Former hostages, Mueller's parents open up about the American aid worker who was captured by ISIS in 2013.
Mike Posner on the Ups and Downs of His Road to Success
The "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" singer said he's learned a lot about the downfalls of being in the limelight.
Wannabe Rockstars Take Part in Air Guitar World Championships
The world's best air guitarists gathered in Oulu, Finland, to determine a champion air guitarist.
Police Practice Active Shooting Drill at Colorado High School
At a school just seven miles from Columbine, Colorado, the Douglas County Sheriff's Department trained to face danger.
How Girl With No Job Made Instagram Into a Career
Claudia Oshry has millions of followers on her Instagram @girlwithnojob and turned her influence into a way of making money.
Mom Transforms Sleeping Baby With Costumes Into Famous Characters, Celebs
Laura Izumikawa has dressed her daughter as Eleven of "Stranger Things," Cinderella and Jon Snow of "Game of Thrones."
16-Year-Old Is 4th Known Person to Survive Brain Amoeba in 50 Years
Sebastian DeLeon was taken to Florida Children's Hospital in Orlando, Florida, with a severe headache on Aug. 7.
Linda Thompson Describes Learning About Caitlyn Jenner's Secret
Thompson was Jenner's second wife, and the couple had two sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner.
Seal Hops Aboard Boat to Escape Hungry Killer Whales
Kirk Fraser captured the moment a seal jumped on his boat to avoid a pod of hungry orcas.
Clinton on Defense After Trump Attacks Clinton Foundation, Health
Political heavyweights Ann Coulter and James Carville discuss the political fireworks between Hillary Clinton and Donald...
'The View' 20 Years in the Making: Rarely Heard Stories From the Set
The show debuted on Aug. 11, 1997 with Barbara Walters, Star Jones, Joy Behar, Meredith Vieira, and Debbie Matenopoulos.
You Can Now Fulfill Your Pumpkin Spice Cravings Earlier Than Ever
With several weeks left until the start of Fall, pumpkin spice lattes and flavored foods are returning to stores in August.
Children of Witness Protection Struggle to Reclaim Identities
Jackee Taylor says she entered witness protection as a child and spent years trying to sort out passport and other...
'Living With No Excuses': Noah Galloway's Journey From Soldier to 'DWTS'
In a new memoir, Galloway describes how he rebuilt his life after losing two limbs in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq....
Tyra Banks Adds College Lecturer to Her Resume
The supermodel turned entrepreneur is co-teaching a Stanford University business class on creating a personal brand.
Woman Volunteers for '60 Days In' Jail to See What Life Could Have Been
Ashleigh, whose husband also appeared on the A&E reality show, said she struggled with drugs and alcohol and wanted to help...
Why Chip Credit Cards Are Still Not Safe From Fraud
Credit card thieves can use a skimming device to swipe data through the cards' magnetic strips.
Rose Wine, 'It's a Lifestyle'
Sales for this pink summer wine have been booming, in part thanks to celebrity brands and millennials who add fuel to the...
Men Compete to Become Romance Novel Cover Models
"A lot of it is in your eyes and facial expressions," cover model Scott Nova said. "It's called character modeling."
This Flyboard Champ Performs Heart-Stopping Stunts
Gemma Weston of New Zealand has won two international competitions in this new extreme sport.
US Swimmers Detained by Brazilian Police at Rio Airport
Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were taken off their U.S.-bound flight before it departed.
Olympic Boxer Claressa Shields' Long Fight for Gold
The Michigan native turned to boxing after a rough childhood and now she could make Olympics history if she wins her second...
Olympic Boxer Claressa Shields Aims for 2nd Gold Medal in Rio
The 21-year-old Flint, Michigan native has a chance to become the first U.S boxer to win back-to-back gold.
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ABC News' David Wright moderates a talk between the two political heavyweights as they discuss the battle between Hillary...