Ex-UVA Swim Team Member Alleges Hazing in Lawsuit
Anthony Marcantonio left the team over what he claims was horrific hazing.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Divorce
The couple just celebrated their 10th anniversary on Monday.
Exonerated Prisoner Dies After 30 Years in Solitary
Glenn Ford, 65, was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer months after his release.
The Unlikely YouTube Star Who Started the 'Racial Healing Challenge'
Dixon White posted a video that launched an honest conversation about race.
Why This Pro Rock Climber Free-Climbed a Giant Redwood
Chris Sharma, one of the world's best rock climbers, tackled a new challenge.
How 'Magic Mike XXL' Cast Transformed Their Bodies
"It is not fun," Channing Tatum said of getting a wax.
Ryan Gosling Slams Costco Over Undercover Egg Farm Video
Actor responds to video from an undercover Humane Society investigation.
'Designer Water' Is Next Big Thing Tapping into Luxury Living
Brands and restaurants hoping to cash in on a luxury goods opportunity.
Millionaire Funds Search and Rescue Missions to Save Migrants
Chris Catrambone launched MOAS after making millions in the insurance business.
White Separatist Calls Dylann Roof a 'Victim'
Matt Heimbach, 24, believes the United States would be better off segregated.
This Family Went on 13,000-Mile Journey Without Flying
The Kirkbys traveled across seven countries without getting on an airplane.
Who Kalief Browder Might Have Been
The NYC teen spent over 1,000 days in jail without a conviction.
Richard Branson Seeks to Reimagine Hotel Rooms for the Female Traveler
The high school dropout turned billionaire talks about his next venture.
Hillandale Farms Responds to Decomposing Chickens Video
Humane Society US went undercover at one of the country's largest egg suppliers.
Formerly Conjoined Twin Leaves Hospital a Month After Sister
Knatalye and Adeline Mata were separated in a high-stakes surgery in February.
A Transgender Parent's Journey, Told Through Teenage Son
"Becoming Us" follows the Lehwald-Crawford family as Charlie becomes Carly.
'Hot Girls Wanted': How Teen Girls Can Be Lured into Amateur Porn
Rashida Jones of "Parks and Recreation" fame produced the film.
Brian Wilson Says 'Love & Mercy' Was Tough to Watch
Beach Boys founding member and his wife Melinda talk about their biopic.
'Queen of Versailles' Couple Says Mansion Will Be Finished
Jackie and David Siegel started building their 90,000-square-foot home in 2006.
Ex-Children of God Members Describe Life Inside Controversial Sect
These twin sisters are the real life "Kimmy Schmidt."
Surging Costs of Generic Drugs Hit Home
Generic prescription medication was once a cheaper option.
The Last Generation of China's Zipliners
Small Chinese village may have to give up centuries-old tradition.
Turning 18 and Turning to Breast Reduction Surgery
Before her surgery, Mackenzie Langan's bra size was a 32-H.
How Escaped Killers Richard Matt, David Sweat Were Caught
After a three-week manhunt, authorities found the escaped inmates near the Canadian border.
'Watt's World': Looking for UFOs in Campfires on Mt. Shasta
ABC's Nick Watt's new show on Travel Channel follows his experiences in strange and far off places.
Avril Lavigne Describes Nightmare Experience with Lyme Disease
Pop singer talks about her struggle to get a diagnosis for the illness that put her life and world tour on hold.
One of the World's Best Rock Climbers Attempts Redwood Tree Climb
Using only his hands and feet, Chris Sharma completed an unprecedented free climb to help tree biologists.
Celebrations Over Same-Sex Marriage Decision Spread Across the Country
ABC's Terry Moran describes the scene at the Supreme Court after the historic decision was announced.
Escaped Convicted Murderers: 1 Dead, 1 Still on the Run
Police shot and killed escaped inmate Richard Matt in upstate New York as the manhunt continues for David Sweat.
After Charleston Shooting, Signs of Change in Race Conversation
Meet the self-professed "former racist" behind a growing online dialogue with a controversial idea.
'Magic Mike XXL' Cast on New Film, Getting Their Stripper Physiques
Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and the rest of the cast talk about behind-the-scenes antics and exercise regimens.
Trump's Comments on Mexican Immigrants Spark Controversy
Univision says it's cutting ties with the Republican presidential candidate over comments he made in his campaign speech.
Ex-Vanderbilt Football Players Released After Rape Case Mistrial
A judge threw out Brandon Vandenburg and Cory Batey's rape conviction after a revelation about the jury foreman.
'Designer Water,' the Latest Artisanal Beverage
From water sommeliers to restaurants hosting water tastings, brands are hoping to jump on a luxury goods opportunity.
Patient Records Doctor's Rude Comments While Under Anesthesia
In court documents, a patient claims he forgot to turn off his cell phone and accidentally recorded his anesthesiologist.
Millionaire Funds Rescue Missions to Save Migrants: Part 1
Chris Catrambone traded in a yacht for a rescue ship and forced himself into an international refugee crisis.
One African Migrant's Epic Journey to Reunite His Family: Part 2
Mohammed Mahmoud was separated from his wife and children while fleeing on a migrant boat and rescued by MOAS.
Remembering Hollywood Composer James Horner
The man behind the scenes of several blockbuster movie scores died in a small plane crash.
Charleston Shooting Raises Fresh Controversy Over Confederate Flag
Dylann Roof's alleged manifesto has sparked a renewed debate over the flag, as President Obama weighs in on the current state...
This Family Traveled Across 7 Countries Without Getting on a Plane
The Kirkbys traveled to seven countries with their two young sons on everything from ships to elephants.
How Taylor Swift Convinced Apple to Change Its Music Policy
Apple agreed to change its new streaming service policy after the "Bad Blood" singer initially said she wanted to pull her...
Charleston Church Massacre Victims' Families Confront Alleged Killer
Several family members of the nine people killed spoke to Dylann Roof at his first court appearance.
'The Wolfpack': Six Brothers With a Haunting Past
Under their father's control, the Angulo brothers created their own world through watching movies.
Military Dads Surprise Kids in Special Father's Day Reunion
Kids whose fathers have spent almost a year deployed in Afghanistan were given a sweet surprise.
Charleston Shooting Suspect: What We Know About Dylann Roof
Roof was arrested after he allegedly shot and killed nine people during a Bible study class.
'Orange Is The New Black' Cast on How Show Changed Their Lives
The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary talk about breaking barriers on the show how they landed their roles.
Charleston Church Shooting: Reflecting on How 'We Endure'
"Nightline's" Byron Pitts on heartbreak and healing in times of crisis as Charleston rallies in the face of unspeakable...
Deadly Shooting at South Carolina Church
At least 9 people died in the shooting, authorities said.
Kalief Browder's Life Behind Bars and Who He Might Have Been
Browder spent almost three years at Rikers without being convicted of a crime, now his mother is speaking out.
Jeb Bush Aims to Set Himself Apart from Family's Political Dynasty
Former governor talks about how he plans to make his run for the White House his own legacy.