NYPD to Retrain Every Officer After 'Chokehold' Death
Commissioner said he expects federal case in Eric Garner's death.
Sia on the Drama Around the Song 'Pretty Hurts'
Rihanna and Beyonce both wanting the song created a "really awkward situation."
In Placing This Weight-Loss Bet, You Lose to Win
HealthyWage allows users to bet against themselves to lose weight for money.
Deaf Toddler Has Second Brainstem Device Surgery to Help Him Hear
Two-year-old is part of a clinical trial for testing a radical auditory device
Cyclist Who Missed Both Doomed Malaysia Flights Feels 'Lucky'
Maarten de Jonge had planned to be on both Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and 370.
Colo. Restaurant Serves Up Big Helping of 2nd Amendment
Waitresses at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, open carry while serving.
Senate to Probe Flaws With Black Lung Program
Sen. Robert Casey: ABC News report exposed benefits system "rife with problems."
Credit Card Thieves Use 'Skimmers' at Gas Pumps and ATMs
Skimmers are small devices that can capture and store cardholders' data.
After Brutal Home Invasion, Some Scars Never Heal
Couple’s horrific ordeal, injures recounted on "NY Med."
Accused Master Art Forger Tracked Down in Shanghai
U.S. says artist created fake Rothkos and Pollocks that fooled art experts.
Brooklyn Eighth-Graders Get Sony Record Deal
"Unlocking the Truth" started on the streets of New York City.
5 Ways to Spot a Home Flip Money Pit
Just a few weeks after Eric Mann bought a Brooklyn brownstone for $1.2 million in February — and painted the walls, sanded...
How Sia and Her Songwriter Come Up With New Hit Single
Singer-songwriter goes through the motions of putting together a new song with Chris Braide.
Dieting Website Has Users Bet to Lose, in Order to Win
HealthyWage users pay to bet they can shed pounds in a certain amount of time to win money.
Credit Card Thieves Latest Tool to Steal Info: Skimmers
Authorities say thieves have been caught using the theft device at ATMs, gas pumps and restaurants.
Tracking the Treacherous Journey Across US-Mexico Border
Following in undocumented immigrants' footsteps, Fusion's Jorge Ramos swims across the Rio Grande.
Mystery Atop The Brooklyn Bridge
How did the American flag get replaced by bleached white flags?
Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns
Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, has gained popularity and scrutiny over its armed wait staff.
Buying Flipped Houses: What to Consider
One woman thought she got a great deal on a newly renovated house, but later discovered problems.
Meet the Man Who Escaped Both Doomed Malaysia Flights
This Dutch cyclist was supposed to be on both MH 17 and MH 370, but changed his plans last-minute.
Malaysia Airlines Disaster: Grim Recovery Efforts Underway
Bodies, luggage and smoldering debris still lay scattered among the doomed plane's wreckage.
Was There a Russian Hand in the Malaysia Airlines Tragedy?
Ukraine, U.S. say Russia provided training for complex missile system thought to have brought down plane.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Shot Down: Timeline of What Happened
ABC's Martha Raddatz reports a passenger jet crashed in the Ukrainian countryside with 298 people on board.
Investigating Downed Malaysia Airlines Jet
U.S. official tells ABC News a single air-to-ground missile struck the Boeing 777, but why?
Learning to Heal After Violent Home Invasion
A couple was brought to the ER with horrific injuries after a terrifying ordeal as ABC's "NY Med" cameras
Retired Air Force Pilot Helps People Overcome Fear of Flying
Capt. Ron Nielson, aka "the plane whisperer," hosts classes to help people get over their anxiety.
Weird Al's 'Tacky' Comeback
King of the song spoofs is at it again, parodying some this year's biggest hits in a new project.
Make-a-Wish Phone Scam Targets Elderly
Part 1: Con artists used charity's name to trick victims into sending money.
ABC News Tracks Suspects to Costa Rica
Part 2: ABC's Brian Ross confronts suspects in tropical paradise.
Mega-Church Financial Advisor Accused of $5M Ponzi Scheme
Ephren Taylor faces federal fraud charges for allegedly swindling hundreds of mega-church congregants.
Credit Card Skimming: How Thieves Can Swipe Your Info
Police say thieves have used swiping devices to steal card numbers from ATMs, gas pumps and drive-thrus.
Disability Fraudsters Caught Cheating the System
Two Washington state coffee shop owners are busted for collecting thousands in fraudulent disability claims.
Two Iraq Vets' Journey to Find Peace
Two soldiers, battling different wounds of war, reunite years after one saved the other's life.
Wartime in Syria: The Horror From Both Sides
Part 2: People risk their lives to tell the world what is happening in war-torn Syria.
Syrians Caught in the Crossfire: First-Hand Accounts
Part 1: For the last six months, ABC News had Syrians inside the conflict zone film themselves.
At Strawberry Mansion High, There's Fear, Hope
Part 1: Diane Sawyer spent months inside one of the country's most dangerous schools.
Alleged Underage Prostitution in Philippines
Part 1: "Nightline" goes undercover to investigate Americans accused of selling young women for sex.
Authorities Raid Philippines Bar Suspected of Underage Prostitution
Part 2: Authorities arrest a Texas business man suspected of running a sex ring out of his bar.
Investigation: Black Lung and Doctors for the Coal Companies
Miners told their sickness not caused by decades underground.
US Doctor Helps Blind Ethiopians Gain Sight With $11 Procedure
Dr. Geoffrey Tabin developed a way to correct cataract blindness, an epidemic in Ethiopia.
War for Paradise: Inside Rio's Violent Drug Gangs
Part 1: "Nightline's" Dan Harris goes deep into gang-ruled shanty towns, where drugs are rampant.
Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words
Never-before-heard interviews reveal how JFK felt about the Cubin missile crisis
Syrian Civil War: By The Numbers
Part 3: The UN estimates that over 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict.
Nightline Prime 7/19: Mega-Church Financial Advisor Accused of $5M Ponzi Scheme
Disability Fraudsters Caught Cheating the System; Make-a-Wish Phone Scam Targets Elderly
Nightline Prime 7/13: Mega-Family of 21 Plans a Wedding
'Cheerlebrities': Inside the Lives of Cheerleading Super Stars; 'Mama's Boys' Live at Home With Mom
Nightline Prime 7/6: Celebrities Come Forward as Victims of Cruel Hoax
The Real Family Victimized by Elaborate Hoax; Inside Brazil's Model Factory
Nightline 7/4: Lawrence of Afghanistan: War Hero or Mad Col. Kurtz?
Lawrence of Afghanistan: War Hero or Mad Col. Kurtz?; Lawrence of Afghanistan: The Fall of Jim Gant
Sad Journey Home for Victims of Malaysia Airlines Tragedy
The plane had 283 passengers and 15 crew members.
Quest to Solve Mysterious Lightning Bolt
Tim Samaras chased storms to solve the mystery of how lightning forms.
Lawrence of Afghanistan: Rise and Fall of a Special Forces Legend
Jim Gant, once praised Afghan war hero, pushed out for booze, pills, secret love