Jessica Alba: 'Sin City' Character Is 'Opposite of Who I Am'
Alba plays a vengeful exotic dancer in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."
Ebola Drug's Role in Americans' Recoveries Remains Unclear
Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol survived after receiving ZMapp.
How Ebola Survivors Have Fought the Stigma
Americans Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol survived the deadly virus.
'Apparent' That James Foley Executioner Is British: Official
White House: Gruesome beheading video "is authentic."
US Launched Secret Op to Rescue Foley, Other Americans
Officials: US attempted "substantial, complex" mission, hostages weren’t there.
Arson Squad Comes Under Fire for Allegations of Questionable Arrests
Two members of the elite team are facing allegations of questionable arrests.
Surrogate Mom ‘Felt Like Someone That Sold My Child’
Some women regret being surrogates after giving birth.
Ferguson, Mo.: On the Ground in an American City Under Siege
Activist, rapper Haiku becomes a viral sensation documenting protests.
Dan Harris' Biography
Co-Anchor, Nightline
Juju Chang's Biography
Co-Anchor, Nightline
Inside $38M Hollywood Home Where Ferrari Is a Prop
Check out this luxurious home in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Hollywood Hills.
Secrets of Celebrity Brokers
From the mansions of L.A. to the penthouses of Manhattan, luxury living is back in vogue.
Wrangling Alligators with Gator Whisperers
Two gator experts rescue gators, some of which can grow to be 1,000 pounds, all across the South.
Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video: An Ode to Feminism?
Rapper defends her video laden with suggestive metaphors as her taking charge and owning her sexuality.
With American Ebola Patients' Recovery Comes New Hope
Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol, now virus-free, were the first two patients on Earth to receive an experimental treatment and...
Jessica Alba: 'Sin City' Character 'Opposite of Who I Am'
In "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," Alba plays a vengeful, exotic dancer alongside an all-star cast.
This Emotional Ice Bucket Challenge Video Gives Real ALS Perspective
An ALS sufferer hails the viral video fun, while reminding us that the disease itself is devastating.
Before American Murdered By ISIS, US Launched Doomed Rescue Op
Intelligence agencies race to identify knife-wielding killer in execution video.
Taylor Swift Disses Haters in 'Shake It Off'
Country music star turned pop princess reveals the inspiration for her new single and what's next.
Elite Arson Squad Members Accused of Making False Statements
Two Phoenix arson investigators from one of the best arson squads in the country are coming under fire.
What Makes Little League Pitching Phenom So Good?
Mo'ne Davis' stunning fastball made her a darling of the Little League World Series.
Conception Controversy: Regretting Surrogacy
New film highlights women who agree to be surrogates, then struggle with giving up babies after birth.
Girl Power: Pitcher Mo'Ne Davis Lands SI Cover
Meet the middle schooler who made Little League World Series history and the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Ferguson, Missouri: Inside an American City Under Siege
Protestors demanding justice for Michael Brown faced off with police enforcing a state-mandated curfew.
Bizarre Twist in Million-Dollar Mega-Closet Robbery
Self-proclaimed burglar who says he ransacked the luxurious Texas closet claims items he allegedly stole are fakes.
How Remote Cultures 'Survive the Tribe'
Survivalist Hazen Audel spends 10 days with a remote tribe in the Amazon for new Nat Geo WILD series.
Accused Love Triangle Murder Suspect Found Guilty
Pedro Bravo was convicted of killing his best friend out of jealousy over an ex-girlfriend.
Fake Out! How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Tickets
ABC News teams up with Ticketmaster to find out how fake tickets are sold to customers.
Why Is TV's 'Too Cute' So Successful?
Animal Planet's show about cute animals has no plot, and yet is heading into its fourth season.
Why These Shark Junkies Risk Their Lives to Tag Sharks
Meet the guys whose job it is to get extremely close to Great Whites and other sharks for Discovery's "Shark Week."
Two Iraq Vets' Journey to Find Peace
Two soldiers, battling different wounds of war, reunite years after one saved the other's life.
Wartime in Syria: The Horror From Both Sides
Part 2: People risk their lives to tell the world what is happening in war-torn Syria.
Syrians Caught in the Crossfire: First-Hand Accounts
Part 1: For the last six months, ABC News had Syrians inside the conflict zone film themselves.
At Strawberry Mansion High, There's Fear, Hope
Part 1: Diane Sawyer spent months inside one of the country's most dangerous schools.
Alleged Underage Prostitution in Philippines
Part 1: "Nightline" goes undercover to investigate Americans accused of selling young women for sex.
Authorities Raid Philippines Bar Suspected of Underage Prostitution
Part 2: Authorities arrest a Texas business man suspected of running a sex ring out of his bar.
Investigation: Black Lung and Doctors for the Coal Companies
Miners told their sickness not caused by decades underground.
US Doctor Helps Blind Ethiopians Gain Sight With $11 Procedure
Dr. Geoffrey Tabin developed a way to correct cataract blindness, an epidemic in Ethiopia.
War for Paradise: Inside Rio's Violent Drug Gangs
Part 1: "Nightline's" Dan Harris goes deep into gang-ruled shanty towns, where drugs are rampant.
Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words
Never-before-heard interviews reveal how JFK felt about the Cubin missile crisis
Syrian Civil War: By The Numbers
Part 3: The UN estimates that over 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict.
Robin Williams, Beloved Actor, Comedian, Dead at 63
Nightline Prime 7/26: The Elkhart 4: A Home Invasion Gone Horribly Wrong
Hiring a Hitman to Murder Your Own Mother?; Las Vegas Bar Fights Ends in Murder Charges for Calif. Pastor; Busting an...
Nightline Prime 7/19: Mega-Church Financial Advisor Accused of $5M Ponzi Scheme
Disability Fraudsters Caught Cheating the System; Make-a-Wish Phone Scam Targets Elderly
Nightline Prime 7/13: Mega-Family of 21 Plans a Wedding
'Cheerlebrities': Inside the Lives of Cheerleading Super Stars; 'Mama's Boys' Live at Home With Mom
Powerful Scenes From Ferguson, Missouri
Residents and police clash over shooting of Missouri teen.
How Pop Star Jason Derulo Keeps His Body Ripped
Pop singer invited "Nightline" to watch him work out.
Knights Battle for Glory at Int'l Medieval Combat Championships
Full-armored teams from across the world compete in 14th century Europe style.