Celebrity Real Estate Broker ... Goes Broke
High-priced Miami real estate agent says "greed" and "ego" caused his downfall.
Americans Head South to Baby-Boomtown
Thousands flock to quaint Mexican city in search of an affordable retirement.
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Trying to Keep Neighborhoods Alive
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How one family's enormous dream home became an enormous nuisance.
Repo Men Not Swayed by 'Sad Stories'
In a recession, repo men take on debtors, squatters ... and danger.
Ghosts Circling Once-Booming Ariz. Town
About 10 percent of homes in Maricopa are for sale as prices plummet.
N.Y. Landmarks for Sale to Foreigners?
The Chrsyler Building could be sold to an Abu Dhabi fund, a newspaper reports.
Betting Against the Bubble, Winning $500M
Jeff Greene struck it rich by betting that subprime backed bonds would fail.
Donald Trump on Surviving Housing Slump
Mogul talks professional success, personal failure and surviving housing slump.
Re-Listing Homes: Marketing or Deception?
Many real estate agents re-list homes that haven't sold. Is it bad business?
Too Many McMansions: Ride Storm or Sell?
Many homeowners struggle to find buyers for their million-dollar properties.
'Bankruptcy Bootcamp'
Max Gardner is training a legion of lawyers to fight hidden mortgage fees.
'Vultures' Cash In on Condo Bust
A Florida building boom has left condo owners desperate to sell at any price.
Foreclosed Homes Become Tourist Sites
In the wake of home foreclosures, one man is selling homes in an unusual way.
Housing Slump? Not on the Calif. Gold Coast
No Sign of Real Estate Slump Among the Priciest Homes
Miami's Profit-Fueled Housing Crisis
Construction boom and bust in Miami has buyers looking for a way out.
Buying a Home? Try Charlotte!
Housing markets across the U.S. are down, but Charlotte, N.C., is an exception.
Showdown in the Sunshine State
Florida residents threaten revolt over soaring property taxes.
Retiree Could Lose Home of 30 Years
Edward Jordan faces foreclosure after refinancing; is Countrywide responsible?
Cashing in on Foreclosed Homes
Self-proclaimed "good ol' boy" resells foreclosed homes from his front porch.
Housing Bubble Bursts for Investor
After spending big, some speculators coming up broke as housing market cools.
This Summer Home Comes With a Nose Job
A Hamptons rental includes a chef, driver and unlimited plastic surgery.
Luxury Hotel Joins the Green Movement
San Francisco's Orchard Garden Hotel is one of the country's first green hotels.
Customized Treehouses: Not Just For Kids
CA. company makes any design into a treehouse, if your pockets are deep enough.
Spears to Sell House, McMahon to Benefit?
Spears is reportedly selling her Studio City home; will the move help her neighbors?
Herding the 'White Elephants'
A look at how hard unloading a mega-mansion has become in today's economy.
Homeowners Flee After Foreclosure
Visit the Arizona town where approximately 10 percent of homes are for sale.
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Donald Trump gives advice on how to survive the subprime crisis.
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Condo Loopholes
07.10.07 Condo fever in Miami brought profits, then panic.
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How will mansions near cities change the landscape?
Location Is Everything
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Lavish Mega-Yachts
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Imprisoned Exec's Mansion for $14M
This 25-acre estate was listed for $195 million or a $475,000/month rental.
How to Live Like an Heiress
One famous home, $46 million dollars worth of luxury -- for you and your maids.
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What housing crisis? Some pampered pooches live in their own mini-mansions.
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The Swiss Family Robinson has nothing on these lavish tree-top funhouses.