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Former members say leader David Miscavige struck subordinates; Church denies.
How Scientology Attracts Celebrities
Church sought to attract high-profile figures as "walking success stories."
Growing Up in Scientology's 'Sea Org'
Former members of the Church, including leader's niece, talk to "Nightline."
Interview With Scientology Leader
Scientology's David Miscavige gave a rare interview to "Nightline" in 1992.
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Inside the Church of Scientology
Inside the Church of Scientology 10.22.09: Nightline investigates controversial allegations on leader's conduct.
Cruise and Travolta: Churchs Stars
Reaching for the Stars 10.23.09: From the start, the Church has sought to attract celebrities.
St. Petersburg Times Coverage
Investigation Into the Church of Scientology
St. Petersburg Times' special report on Scientology leader David Miscavige.
Face-Off: Does God Exist?
Christians and atheists square off in the first "Nightline Face-Off."