Speaker Boehner Takes the Gavel
As GOP takes over, Republicans pledge a 'cut and grow' majority.
How Will John Boehner Run the House?
New Speaker John Boehner encourages bipartisanship, but will try to cut govt.
Transcript: Diane Sawyer Interviews 10 Freshmen Lawmakers
Newly-elected Tea Party members talk about their hopes for Congress.
A New Congress With the Same Old Leaders
John Boehner elected next speaker, Nancy Pelosi will lead Democrats.
Tea Party to Get Washington Welcome, For Now
Tensions on debt, spending will challenge Republican unity in new Congress.
Senator Wants 2011 Showdown on Filibusters
Some Democrats eye rule change as they prepare for first day of new Congress.
New Congress and Health Care: Rocky Road?
Sens. Wyden and Brown craft bipartisan bill, House Republicans have other ideas
Constitution to be Focus When House Republicans Take Over
GOP Introduces Strict New House Rules with an Old School Spin
Obama Freezes Govt. Employee Pay
President Obama proposes a two-year pay freeze for federal civilian employees.
Lawmakers Pay Natl. Debt $200 at a Time
Three Lawmakers Use Little-known 1961 Law to Chip Away Ever So Slightly at the National Debt
Tea Party Discontent Bubbles to the Surface
Discontent is boiling over tax cuts bill and GOP leadership positions.
John Boehner Cries. Again. A Lot.
Are Women and Democrats Held to a Different Standard?
House Dems Reject Obama Tax Compromise
Citing estate tax, House Dems reject plan to vote on continuing Bush tax cuts
Congress Finds its Mojo
From START and tax cuts to DADT, post-election Congress has been fruitful.
Obama Doesn't Mention God Enough?
Religious lawmakers say the president intentionally omits talk of God.
Your Paycheck and the Tax Cuts
What the tax cut, unemployment benefit deal means to you.
Surprise: 12 Amendments in Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights has varied meaning on 219th birthday.
GOP Attacks 'Obamacare'
Risk and reward as new Republican majority in House plans assault on health reform law
The DC Debt War
$14.3 Trillion: Lawmakers disagree about extending the national debt
Mikulski Becomes Longest-Serving Woman Senator in History
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the 74-year old Maryland Democrat standing under five feet tall, today became the longest-serving...
GOP Set to Announce Agenda Thursday
ABC News has learned that the House Republican Leadership plans to unveil its legislative agenda Thursday morning in...
Boehner Calls Middle Class Tax Cut Extension 'Chicken Crap'
Presumptive House Speaker Accuses Dems of Playing Politics
'Prince of Pork' Poised to Chair Appropriations Committee
ABC News’ John R. Parkinson reports: Speaker-designate John Boehner and the House Republicans were swept into the majority in...
Bipartisanship Revisited
A look at the historical themes of the Speaker of the House swear-in speeches.
Gavel Handed Back To Speaker Boehner
Outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi passes the gavel on to Speaker John Boehner.
John Boehner Cries Again and Again During Swear In
Speaker John Boehner gets emotional during swear in on House floor.
John Boehner Takes Control
The presumptive speaker of the House tears up during acceptance speech.
New GOP Congress Arrives
Washington's freshman class: 109 new to Congress, 35 never held elected office.