Sanders Blasts Clinton's Refusal to Debate Before Calif. Primary
Clinton campaign declines to participate in another debate before June 7.
Democratic Leaders Who Haven’t Endorsed Clinton or Sanders
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Obama Makes Case for Human Rights In Vietnam
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Donald Trump Returns to the Trail
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Bill Clinton Wants Donald Trump to Release His Tax Returns
Today in Stockton, California, President Clinton joined the ranks of his wife
VA Secretary Under Fire Comparing Veteran Wait Times to Amusement Park
The VA secretary said the wait times were like waiting for an amusement park.
Washington State Results Election 2016
Washington holds its Republican primary on May 24, 2016 and held its Democratic caucuses on March 26, 2016. 118 delegates...
Clinton Warns Trump ‘Could Bankrupt America’
Clinton is now taking aim at Donald Trump the businessman.
Sen. Mitch McConnell's New Book Slams 'Professor Obama'
What's revealed in the Senate majority leader's book, "The Long Game: A Memoir.”
Sanders Will Have More Input in Democratic Party Platform
The Vermont Senator will have more say over the drafting the party positions.
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Battle of the Unfavorable Candidates
Both Clinton and Trump are the most disliked candidates in the last three decades.
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This Week in History: May 22-28
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NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President
The presumptive Republican nominee addressed the gun group at its convention today.
Trump: Missing EgyptAir Aircraft 'Blown out of the Sky'
At a fundraiser, he told the crowd "you are 100% wrong" if you doubt his claim.
Josh Earnest Says White House Unconcerned About Potential Convention Unrest
Josh Earnest Says White House Unconcerned About Potential Convention Unrest
New Jersey Residents Oppose Chris Christie as Potential Trump VP Pick
According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, 72 percent of New Jersey voters oppose the idea of Christie as Trump's...
Senate Approves Bill to Let 9/11 Families Sue Saudi Arabia
The bill passed unanimously on Tuesday despite opposition from the White House.
Obama to Finalize Overhaul of Overtime Rule
The Obama administration is moving to finalize changes to double the salary threshold of workers entitled to overtime wages.
Bernie Sanders Wins Oregon Democratic Primary, Clinton Declares Victory in Kentucky
Voters in Kentucky and Oregon headed to the polls to vote in the two states' Democratic presidential primaries.
President Obama Escorts Michelle to the State Dinner
A look at the first lady's life and times.