NY Attorney General: I Won't Back Off Trump 'Fraud' Case
CA court releases hundreds of documents from now-defunct business program.
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At least 14 charities received donations last week.
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Documents was released today in a California class-action lawsuit against Trump University, the now defunct school founded by...
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Congressman Marries Candidate Seeking to Replace Him
Rep. Alan Grayson wed Dena Minning over the weekend.
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Republican leaders are calling for another candidate, but it may be too late.
Clinton Shifts Schedule to Focus on Calif. Before Tight Primary
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Trump Details $5.6M He Claims Was Raised for Veterans
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Secret Service Rushes Stage at Bernie Sanders Rally
Animal rights group protests presidential candidate's event in Oakland, California.
Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Nomination for President
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has won the Libertarian nomination for president.
Feinstein Says Bernie Sanders' Campaign 'All But Over'
Sen. Dianne Feinstein told ABC's Jonathan Karl Bernie Sanders' fight for the Democratic nomination is "all but over."
Police Confront Protesters After Trump Rally in San Diego
Police made arrests and used paint ball guns in order to control crowds.
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