Missouri: The Ultimate Battleground State
Candidates fight it out in a tight race for Missouri's 11 electoral votes.
When a Red State Goes Blue
New residents have made Colorado more fertile ground for Democrats.
Oh Yeah, Life Goes On in Indiana
Singer John Mellencamp shows "GMA" around battleground Indiana.
Hoosier State Becomes a Battleground
Vigo Co., Ind., has a knack for picking the election winner.
Reno's Economic Slump Sways Battleground Votes
If McCain can't carry Reno, it's likely he won't win the presidential race.
Proposition 8: Gay Marriage on the Ballot
Fight over gay marriage in California among most heated this campaign season.
The Most Controversial Man in Oregon
For 14 years, Sizemore has proposed more than 100 ballot initiatives in Oregon.
What's in a Name? Maybe, Crucial Votes.
Washington's ballot for governor will read: GOP versus Democrat.
Deep Political Divide Splits Washington State
Reliably blue, Washington hasn't voted for a Republican president since 1984.
'America's Toughest Sheriff' Up for Re-Election
Arizona county Sheriff Joe Arpaio vows to continue fighting illegal immigration.
New Mexico Teams Emphasize That Every Vote Counts
In this battleground state, Jennifer Chadwell-Feld is already at war. Chadwell-Feld, 58, dials voters from a small warehouse,...
These Texas Mavericks Are for Obama
"Nightline" heads South to meet the family responsible for the term "maverick."
Hurricanes May Help Steer Texas Politics
Ron Booth voted Republican in the presidential election four years ago. In the staunchly Republican state of Texas, home to...
Obama's Kansas Roots: Red State Ready?
Obama's grandfather lived there, but El Dorado is still solidly behind McCain.
Political Life on the Hawaiian Islands
In Barack Obama's home state of Hawaii, contradictions rise with the tides.
Campaigning in the Alaskan Tundra
Dems took aim at the traditionally Republican state, but then along came Palin.
Do Farm Subsidies Help Nebraska Farmers?
Every year, politicians promise that they are going to save the family farm. But government farm subsidies don't always mean...
Wyoming's Election Issue: Gun Rights
For some Wyoming residents gun rights are the main issue in this election.
S.D. Dems Pin Hopes on Sen. Tim Johnson
Sen. Tim Johnson battles for re-election in GOP dominated state.
Pennsylvania No Slam Dunk for Democrats
Anxieties over economy, Obama have put the Keystone State in play for GOP.