McMaster needs Senate confirmation because he's a three-star general
Military rules will require Senate confirmation if he keeps his rank.
McMaster's military rank and his role as national security adviser
He is the fourth national security adviser to remain on active duty.
Trump signals expansion of deportations, says no unauthorized immigrant group exempt
The Department of Homeland Security released two memos this morning.
Trump denounces anti-Semitic threats as 'horrible'
Trump also said more needs to be done "to root out hate."
Trump visits African American History Museum
The president paid a visit to the museum Tuesday.
Is Trump right about crime in Sweden?
Trump tried to clarify his remarks on Sweden on Saturday.
The Note: McMaster Joins the Ranks of Trump’s Administration
Trump’s First 100 Days with SHUSHANNAH WALSHE Day No. 33 THE BIG STORY: The search for a national security adviser is over....
Everything you need to know about Trump's new national security adviser
Gen. McMaster is taking over for Michael Flynn, who resigned.
VP Pence 'disappointed' Flynn misled him on Russia
The vice president cited a "close working relationship" with Trump.
Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos disinvited to speak at CPAC
The Breitbart editor was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at CPAC.
Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton
And a few things you probably didn't know.
Everything You Need To Know About Rand Paul
Paul is the second Republican candidate to enter the 2016 race.
5 Times Obama Ditched His Shoes Overseas
He visits a lot of historic sites, which often necessitates footwear removal.
12 Fun Things You Didn't Know About Past Presidents
The first president to bathe in running water and other facts.
Sen. Chuck Schumer talks immigration order, Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch
Schumer explains problems with people holding dual citizenship and concerns with Supreme Court nominee.
Sen. Chuck Schumer talks tears over immigration order, White House ties to Russia
Schumer asks Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself over FBI Flynn investigation regarding ties to Russia.
President Trump: Media is the 'enemy of the American people'
Journalists stress importance of a free press for democracy to thrive.
President Trump references attack in Sweden that didn't happen
Questions arise about claims by Donald Trump that are unsubstantiated.
Is President Trump right about crime in Sweden?
The most recent terrorist attack there was in 2010, when two bombs exploded in Stockholm, killing only the bomber, Taimour...
White House: Mass deportation not the goal of immigration actions
Press secretary Sean Spicer said unauthorized immigrants who "pose a threat to our public safety or have committed a crime...
Sen. Charles Schumer cites 'Free Willy' in his ability to cry
The U.S. senator from New York says that he gets tearful despite President Trump's criticism that he recently shed "fake...
What to know about Trump's new national security adviser
President Trump picked Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster to serve as his  newnational security adviser.
Trump denounces anti-Semitism: 'It has to stop'
President Donald Trump denounced anti-Semitism today after facing criticism that he has not come out strongly enough against...
Trump visits African American History Museum: 'I've learned, and I've seen'
The president toured the museum with his housing and urban development secretary nominee, Ben Carson.
Michelle Obama Through the Years
A look at the first lady's life and times.